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    Day 10 - Steady dull headache

    I used 6 eggs, got 4 pieces off of the frittata, I bought some sweet potatoes because I know I am lacking the starchy carbs but I haven't cooked them yet...I'll plan on incorporating them tonight. Monday I did add a little chicken to the salad (usually a dinner plate's pretty big to me) I had with the soup. I had about 2.5 - 3 tilapia filets with each of the fish meals and thought I might explode. I am drinking 126 oz/3+ liters of water a day, I've had no less than that the whole time I"ve been doing this. I hate coffee, so the only caffeine I usually drank is a Dr. Pepper here and there, probably 3 a week. I'm not sure how I could physically eat too much more than what I have been eating without being completely miserable... last week I did notice I wanted a snack between lunch and dinner so I increased my portions this week and I have been stuffed! I'll try adding more veggies and the sweet potatoes to my meals the rest of the week and see if that makes a difference. Thank you!!
  2. This is my 3rd "attempt" at Whole 30, the last being in September...The first I made it about 12 days, the second I made it about 5..I am fully committed this time and it's been relatively easy, I am loving everything I eat and I do feel better and am sleeping through the night without waking up every hour on the hour, but I have had a headache for like 2 weeks...I have drank nothing but water other than 1 glass of unsweetened tea with lemon and I have no sugar cravings, or cravings for anything at all really... I'm not sure if maybe it's something I have eaten? B - spinach frittata, 1/2 or 1/4 avocado, banana L - Spinach and arugula salad with avocado and butternut squash soup D - Roasted red pepper and mushroom relish tilapia with salad With leftovers that has been my food for the last 2 days...could it be the onions? I've had problems with onions before, usually raw red onions give me a migraine, but cooked down yellow onions haven't ever really bothered me...but this isn't a migraine it's just a constant dull headache for the last 2 weeks...Suggestions?
  3. KelliWalden

    2nd Attempt - Day 5 - Feel SO HUGE

    Thank you for your advice! I'll work on eliminating the FODMAPs and add starches. On my morning workouts, I usually wake up and jump right to it..I'm never hungry when I wake up and I'm usually not hungry after workouts either, but should I make myself have something small anyway?
  4. So this is my 2nd attempt at Whole30, last time I made it 13 days, then it was my birthday and while I tried my best, I fell off the wagon with beer, sushi, and a few bites of cheesecake. I took a break of about 2 weeks, still eating pretty Whole30ish but started back full force this Monday. Compared to my last go at this, my mood swings are non-existent, I didn't have much of a "hangover" and I have not felt the urge to kill anything, but I am SOOO bloated...Like I felt less bloated Saturday after eating a BurgerFi Cheeseburger and fries I am on Day 5 and I don't understand why I do not physically feel better/lighter like I did last round. Day 5 and 6 of my 1st attempt my pants were already way looser and I was feeling 100 times better..this time I just feel fat and bloated and miserable. I have basically followed the same meal plan as my first attempt a month ago, fewer nuts this time...what am I doing wrong? Day 1 - Breakfast: spinach frittata, grapes, 1/2 avocado; Lunch: spaghetti squash, tomato sauce/ground turkey; Snack: pistaccios (not the best, I know..) and grapes; Dinner - chicken caccitorie; Morning workout - Chalean Extreme Day 2 - Breakfast: leftover spinach frittata, grapes, 1/2 avocado; Snack: Apple; Lunch: spinach, chicken, and 1/2 avocado salad with Oil and Vinegar; Snack: almonds; Dinner - lettuce wrapped burger with mustard and a lettuce/tomato/cucumber salad with red wine vinegar; Morning workout - Chalean Extreme (I was pretty hungry on this day) Day 3 - Breakfast: leftover spinach frittata, grapes, 1/2 avocado; Lunch: leftover spaghetti squash, tomato sauce/ground turkey; Snack: grapes; Dinner - no dinner, no appetite, I guess you could put my grape snack in place of dinner; Afternoon workout - Chalean Extreme Day 4 - Breakfast: leftover spinach frittata, grapes, 1/2 avocado; Snack: Apple; Lunch: spinach, chicken, and 1/2 avocado salad with Oil and Vinegar; Snack: grapes; Dinner: breakfast casserole, grapes, okra (super weird combo...I know); Afternoon workout - Chalean Extreme Day 5 - Breakfast: leftover breakfast casserole, grapes I have drank at LEAST 3.72 Liters of water every day, if not more...I am so thankful that I'm not experiencing the mood swings I did on my first attempt but I am so confused and pretty bummed as to why I am STILL feeling so fat and bloated. HELP!