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  1. I made a Briam yesterday. It is a Mediterranean dish of potatoes, zucchini (or sometimes eggplant), red bell pepper, onion, garlic and olive oil baked in the oven. Thursday I made green beans, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, garlic and olive oil. So good and even better the next day. I had some for breakfast topped with fried eggs. I still go to the YMCA 5 days a week. I love Yoga and a new water yoga class started this week.
  2. That is great. This isn't much different than I have been eating. I just needed to eliminate grains and dairy.
  3. I am still here. I'm sorry about your health problems. I have been following the Mediterranean which and doing well. I would love to plug along with you. Let me know when you want to start.
  4. Good morning, ladies! I've had a rough 2 months. I started with strep throat, then a bad asthma attack and before I was over that I got the Individual and ended up in the hospital for a week followed by 3 weeks in rehab. I came home in time for Thanksgiving. I'm definitely in for the Christmas party and January W30.
  5. Today was the first time I've received notification of a post in a month! I should have checked sooner. I've been reading "Food Freedom Forever" and it's like Melissa was talking to me personally. If you haven't read it, its worth your time. If some of you are reading it, maybe we could discuss it. I have been doing pretty well. Kelly over at The Nourishing Home (Paleo website - she sends out email with dinner menus every week) started a Whole30 yesterday so I joined. She has a month of menus and recipes for the Whole 30. I plan to read the book then go back and make notes and hig
  6. Good morning, ladies! Off and running on the W30 Challenge. In looking in the freezer to see what I needed I found Chocolate Chili and Cauliflower Soup so I'll use those this week along with some Kalua Pork that was lurking there. Like many of you, I just don't have brakes for some foods and it's all downhill after the first bite. Then there is no use not eating everything in sight until next Monday because you can only start a W30 on Monday (LOL). I think this first week is going to be pretty hard for I have really strayed. I had to redo my gym schedule because they
  7. You can go to the Blog tab and then go down to the August 18 post to get all the info and sign up.
  8. Good morning, ladies! Hot and humid in VA. We have had no rain for 3 weeks. The trees are starting to loose their leaves. Being the "Granny" of the group at 75, I can tell you it does get easier to make wise food choices but the Sugar Dragon is always just around the corner waiting to bounce. In 1971 I weighed 356 pounds. Slowly I got down to 140 by eating a lower carb diet. Over the years I've gained as much as 25 pounds and then lost it again. For the last 20 I've managed to stop at a 5 pound gain and get back under control. What sets me off on a binge is denying myself the sa
  9. Nancy, what hospitals and doctors bill the insurance company and what they pay is far apart. They probably have to bill $6k to get $500. Sorry you are having problems with your W30 attempts. I'm doing the biggie that starts September 5. I like Melissa Joulwan's batch cooking and plan on following it for the W30. That way there is always food ready to be put on the table in 10-15 minutes. Crimsann, love your ideas for the gift bags. How about adding some dark chocolate? We still need rain. We're nearly 3 inches down for the month. I just don't want any hurricanes comin
  10. Good morning, ladies! Another hot (95 degrees) and humid day in VA. We need rain! Having an off-road month and it isn't good. I'm sure you have all heard about the big W30 starting September 5 and leading up to the publication of Melissa's new book. There are going to be some extras for those who sign up on Facebook. The book will be delivered October 4 and the W30 will be over October 5 and then she'll give us hints for the slow reintroduction and that will give us 10 days to read and digest the book and come up with out daily plan. It sounds like what I need at this point. Sin
  11. I'm sorry! I didn't realize I hadn't posted n so long. Its so hot and humid that I go to the gym in the morning then come home and think about what I should be doing while sitting and doing nothing. With my COPD this weather makes is so hard for me to breath outside. A young couple live next door to me and he came over and offered to water my stuff after they saw me so short of breath trying to do it. I have lovely neighbors. I lost 8 pounds since June. Weighed this morning since it was the end of another 30 days. I'm taking August for reintros and then I'll go back to a full W30 Septemb
  12. Bread machines sailing through the windows and pie crust sliding down the wall - my laugh for today. It raining and gloomy and I need one.
  13. Nancy, so good to see your post. I was wondering about you. I put a 2# flank steak in the Instant Pot last night and 20 minutes later I had a wonderfully tender steak with some lovely broth. I threw some potatoes and carrots in the broth and 4 minutes cooking and dinner was on the table. Love my IP! Today is the half-way mark for this W30. Doing okay so far. It wasn't hard to get back to it so perhaps I hadn't strayed as far as I thought. I really have to work on this all or nothing mentality and let myself enjoy a little offroading when not on a W30 without feeling guilty. Maybe Melissa