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  1. QuilterInVA

    Casein - Other [dangerous] Sources?

    It is a milk protein. N
  2. Read SugarCubes post above.
  3. QuilterInVA


  4. QuilterInVA

    Smoothie bowl success?

    Still not the same as eating the whole food. I wouldn't use them.
  5. Kale and other dark green leafy vegetables and sweet potatoes have a lot more potassium than bananas.
  6. QuilterInVA


    Not hidden for me either.
  7. QuilterInVA

    Mayo Fail :( Discouraged, please help!

    Mayo will fail if it is mixed too long. It only takes 1-2 minutes with an immersion blender. A standard mixer is probably too powerful and the mixer will get too warm and the mayo will fail.
  8. My gastro doc told me some people don't have a bowel movement every day. Daily, every other day or every third day are normal.
  9. Fruit and nuts are not a good snack. They should be eaten with meals. Adding far ups your calories without adding more bulk.
  10. QuilterInVA

    How much fat should I eat?

    It's recommended to have nuts every other day not with every meal.
  11. QuilterInVA

    My dinner tonight!

    Looks good!
  12. QuilterInVA

    Delicious, Easy Snack Idea!

    Fruit is not for snacks. It is to be eaten with meals.
  13. QuilterInVA

    Day 10 and struggling with ... Potatoes

    The body feels full when you eat more fat. It actually has no need for carbs at all. A fist sized serving of potatoes is fine.
  14. QuilterInVA


    One egg isn't enough protein. If egg is your only protein source, you need at least 3.
  15. QuilterInVA

    cauliflour mash

    She isn't making soup. Cauliflower mash is similar to mashed potatoes. You might cook a small potato and mash that in.