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    misskay reacted to Ruby in Changes in Menstrual Cycle   
    Mine seem to get worse when I'm doing a Whole30, too. But then they get way, way better as long as I keep my diet strict paleo. Then I slowly start allowing more and more sugar or dairy into my diet and they slowly get worse again. Then I have to do another Whole30. It sucks, but is also a pretty steady pattern for me and I logically know what I need to do to avoid it.
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    misskay reacted to lnharris in Changes in Menstrual Cycle   
    My cycle was on time and as close to normal as its been in about four years. It was so heavy that two years ago I was hospitalized and given two blood transfusions. This past month I had fewer cramps, less bloating and half the flow. That's huge for me. Maybe if it continues, I can come off of the iron supplements. I think the improvement is a combination of no dairy and no SOY!
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    Background - I can't say for certain that I have endometriosis, but in the past, my periods have been extremely heavy and accompanied by significant pain and discomfort. My reproductive endocrinologist "presumptively diagnosed" me with endometriosis - basically, the symptoms and inability to get pregnant pointed in that direction, but there was no need to do the laproscopic surgery to confirm diagnosis because I was going to do IVF, in any event. (That was a few years ago, and after 3 egg retrievals and 4 transfers (3 fresh, 1 frozen/thawed), I had wonderful twin daughters.)
    Since W30 - Since my W30 and sticking quite close to W30 rules post-W-30, my periods have been lighter and much less painful. No pain meds, no heating pads, no curling up on the couch!
    Good luck to you, Megan. Hopefully you'll experienced decreased pain soon!
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    misskay reacted to nutmegananne in Changes in Menstrual Cycle   
    I had been gluten free prior to my first Whole 30 back in October, but it was my first dairy free trial. I'm on a second Whole 30 right now, and in the interim I've eaten very little dairy. My cycle is more regular, and even better...more normal instead of too heavy as it been previously. Something about avoiding dairy seems to balance my hormones.