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  1. DocIKY

    The crazy things people say

    That's like the gym I saw that had flyers up for "ice cream socials" and "pizza parties." SMH Job security for the gym owners I guess.
  2. DocIKY

    The crazy things people say

    Oh Nadia! That last few seconds cracked me up!! Too Funny!
  3. DocIKY

    The crazy things people say

    My closest friend and I agree on just about everything. Well, everything but food. She holds fast to the belief that fat is bad and calories mean everything. She's decided it's time "to start being good again." So the other night when she came over for dinner she knew I was baking salmon and had asked if I would be offended if she brought over her own sides. For many reasons, I told her I certainly wasn't offended. So as my family sat down to dinner we enjoyed baked salmon, confetti style faux cous cous, and asparagus cooked in ghee and fresh garlic. On her plate was a lovely piece of salmon and a sad little pile of plain brown rice. By those standards, I never want to "start being good again."
  4. DocIKY

    The crazy things people say

    Friend holding a large bag of twizzlers: Want one? Me: No thanks. Friend: Why? You don't like them? Me: Insert 3 sentence of explanation of why I won't eat candy. Friend holding up twizzler: Here have just one. Me: No. Friend: wow your tough. Later in the afternoon. Received a text from the same friend. "didn't make to the gym this afternoon. I have the worst headache."
  5. DocIKY

    The crazy things people say

    Not quite the same but it cracked me up today. I went to lunch with a coworker/good friend. I brought mine, she was picking up hers. She said to me, "you know, your like a drinking buddy who's on the wagon now!" I couldn't help but laugh when I noticed she didn't order the cheeseburger and onion rings she usually gets!