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    I have achalasia and am totally down with meeting others who struggle with it.
  1. I'm definitely interested in how that goes. I have FODMAP issues, the symptoms of which sounds exactly like what is described here. And due to another digestive disorder I get extra pain from these symptoms due to the pressure build up. Would love to know if charcoal works as a remedy. I don't know anything about it.
  2. Zyriel

    What bowl do you use for your salads?

    I use a pho bowl that I picked up from a local Asian grocery store. It's mixing bowl sized, but definitely looks like table-ware. It's pleasantly decorative and because it's plastic it's light. Edit: I don't toss in these, only serve to eat.... heaping.
  3. Zyriel

    Starting on Jan 1

    I'd like to join you ladies for 1/1. I won't be doing a strict Whole30 as my original showed me what foods I'm sensitive too and not. However, I want to spend the time focusing on all of the other aspects, and learning to balance those "other" foods in my meal choices. So I won't discuss those foods, but in all other aspects, I'm in too! My goals: Eat Breakfast! Drink Water Get Sleep Eat meals, not snacks and not drink meals (morning latte, I'm looking at you) I'm also looking forward to re-establishing my water kefir and ferments. Good thing the ferments have kept in the cabinet, I bet they're about ready to eat anyway.
  4. Zyriel

    Probiotic overload?

    I started with Water Kefir and had about a quarter cup a day till I knew it wasn't causing an issue and I felt like I had "built up" an acceptance for it long enough. Then a quarter cup a meal. Now I just drink it whenever and however much I like. It's possible I still had too much the other day though, ended up with a headache. I went the route of Water Kefir to avoid the caffeine.
  5. Zyriel

    I guess I have to start over?

    I don't agree with your easy out. Saying you have an allergy when you don't is a bad idea for a couple reasons. It does a disservice to those who have true allergies. In some cases it means that wait staff, at professional establishments, have to go through additional rigorous procedures to handle your food that (not having an actual allergy) you don't need them to do. And finally, the one that I think is the biggest reason for me, at some point your Whole30 will be done, and you may elect to have that "allergy" food, even if only some of the time. At this point you've lied to these people and they can see it. They're going to distrust people with food allergies, and think everyone is making them up. And they're going to distrust you, and if you've talked about it... probably the theories you've shared about what foods are healthy and not. I think you can be honest and have the same outcome. I'm not eating dairy right now. It's as simple as having an allergy, but it's true.
  6. Every miso soup (already compiled) I've found has rice in it. I'm doing soy tomorrow and I'm considering having miso soup anyway since it's so often part and parcel. But forewarned. Frozen bags of edamame with salt on them are easy peasy to get though.
  7. Zyriel

    After work...

    My suggestion was going to be to see if you could find compliant foods that hit that cool weather feel that it sounds like you're craving. Namely, soup. You can totally make a compliant tomato soup. Squash soups right now would also be awesome. Nice thick puree soup, with some hearty savory chicken dish on the side. Sounds pretty autumny to me. I found that leftovers were my savior. Always make as much as you can successfully make at one go. Store leftovers. When you're feeling no motivation on the way home, all you have to do is reheat something. It saved me a LOT of stress knowing that I could make dinner, or make leftovers and that I didn't have to worry either way.
  8. Zyriel

    Egg White Tortilla?

    Just sounds like a complicated omelette to me. Glad to hear you're using the yolk too. I think a picture might be in order, I'd like to see this thing.
  9. Zyriel

    Balsamic vinegar

    You might also have luck with this particular product at a Wine shop or a Cheese shop.
  10. Zyriel

    Eggs and cholesterol

    I'd be skeptical of the test your doctor uses as well. I haven't read Jimmy's book but I trust him to go into it. Cheaper cholesterol tests are not accurate, they estimate and they do it poorly.
  11. Zyriel

    Starting Aug 11th

    Yay for improved numbers! I'm going in for a "biometrics screening" at work tomorrow which includes a cheapy cholesterol test. But I have been doing them for a few years now so I get compare. I'm really looking forward to it. Down side is I have to fast, so breakfast (M1) will be late tomorrow. I was having fries with ketchup and mayo at a restaurant tonight and I could tell there was sugar in the mayo. It was the weirdest thing. Why would you do that? Mayo is good all on its own. I'm also STILL working through re-intros... Day 63 and I still have 5 re-intro days I haven't done, and a few I'd like to re-do. It's a long haul over here. Oh, have you made your own ketchup yet? I was shocked to learn it has clove in it, which I didn't used to like... but found myself putting extra in my ketchup cause it makes it taste so good.
  12. Zyriel

    Having Trouble Identifying Hunger

    Feeling dizzy and faint is likely a result of blood sugar drops. I think you'll find that, further into your Whole30, that won't happen when you get hungry because you're blood sugar will be stable. I'm like you, I overplan when I'm not at home for fear of "what if I get hungry". But honestly, if you are eating a good deal of fat and protein, and filling out your meal with veggies, even if you do get hungry you aren't going to get "OMG I have to have food right this instant, where are the cookies??" hungry. Because that's a blood sugar response, and you're hunger will instead be real hunger and it won't be so soul piercing. It'll be "Oh, I'm hungry. I wish I could do something about that, but... meh I'll wait till my next meal I feel ok anyway."
  13. Yep! Think about milk's purpose. It is meant to make a tiny animal into a bigger animal. It's meant to promote growth. It's meant to be easy to digest, to hit your body fast and hard, rather then being dealt with and releasing it's power slowly into your bloodstream. It's literally designed to make animals gain weight. I suspect milk has been a significant factor in my weight as well. I also discovered, on my recent dairy days, that it replaces water for me. So, where I already don't drink enough fluids, I drink even less of them when I'm drinking milk. Awesome, right?
  14. I thought I hated herbal teas too. Turns out it's just some specific things that I don't like. I have started drinking a ton of herbal teas since starting whole30 and am really happy with them as an alternative to water. Personally I found that I don't like Honeybush, but I do like Rooibos. I always thought they were the same thing and they'e not. I like a little bit of licorice root, even though I don't like things that taste like licorice... so I kept thinking there were all these herbals I wouldn't like without actually giving them a chance. And I adore mint teas. And it turns out the chamomile, which I thought was the only herbal I liked... I only like if it's sweetened or a minor player in the blend. I've been consuming a lot of Stash's herbals in particular. And as always, check the label. They're not all compliant.
  15. Zyriel

    Questions about Reintroduction

    For me, the Re-Intro is important because I did all that hard work to give myself a baseline to work with. I really feel the Re-intro is part of the package deal, and that after I've done that I can relax into riding my own bike, with the knowledge I've gained about what makes me feel lousy or puts me on a bad road. I really want to know how each of these foods affects me. It's hard enough to pin down even while eating whole30.