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    I have achalasia and am totally down with meeting others who struggle with it.
  1. I'm definitely interested in how that goes. I have FODMAP issues, the symptoms of which sounds exactly like what is described here. And due to another digestive disorder I get extra pain from these symptoms due to the pressure build up. Would love to know if charcoal works as a remedy. I don't know anything about it.
  2. Zyriel

    Questions about Reintroduction

    For me, the Re-Intro is important because I did all that hard work to give myself a baseline to work with. I really feel the Re-intro is part of the package deal, and that after I've done that I can relax into riding my own bike, with the knowledge I've gained about what makes me feel lousy or puts me on a bad road. I really want to know how each of these foods affects me. It's hard enough to pin down even while eating whole30.
  3. I am seriously considering doing multiple days of each. I had thought maybe two or 3 days, and perhaps make the in-between days a minimum of 3 and more if needed. I have not approached my first re-intro day yet but I had a similar curiosity about this as you do. I'm also splitting my foods up a lot more than the base plan. Even with one day per, and two between, my plan is stretched out to 30 days. I really appreciate this thread though. I've put a "what to look for" section into each re-intro day. I know I need to sort of "look for everything" but knowing common reactions is helpful.
  4. Zyriel

    Whole30 Compliant Lox

    oooooh, you said the magic word. I LOVE mackerel. I never thought to have it with eggs, or for breakfast. On man, that's an awesome idea.