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    I have achalasia and am totally down with meeting others who struggle with it.

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I've tried low cal, with expected outcomes. A few year ago I tried keto with my Fiance, D, we transitioned pretty quckly from there to Paleo and were a lot happier and healthier. And 3eating was generally easier than any "diet" I had ever been on before. I was able to make the move from diet as a verb to diet as a noun. It was what I ate, no longer an activity I was involved in.


Over time I got off track, largely due to leaving our gym which was a supportive environment with good re-enforcing values (but one of the owners was an egomaniac and we got tired of him.)


Mid 2015 I realized I was up to the highest weight I'd ever been before and I didn't want to have a new highest weight, so I had to do something about it. My Ladies Paleo group on Facebook suggested Whole30, which I didn't know much about.


I completed my first Whole30 September 8th, but I wasn't able to complete my re-intro until October 30th. That's an 81 day Whole30. The re-intro phase was GRUELING. And it honestly put me back. Being so strict for so long, all I wanted was to be free of it.


What I learned from my re-intro was somewhat valuable, in that I don't have an apparent reaction to anything except some FODMAPS.


Now, after relaxing through the holidays, I'm ready to look for where my balance can lay. How can I live a Whole9 lifestyle, not strict Whole30, in a way the benefits my mood and my physical well being.