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    My growing children, sweet hubby, worship, bodybuidling, yoga, hiking, being outside, gardens, flowers, tea, beautiful food, nutrition and wellness.
  1. Celestial

    pastured eggs- when they're bad?

    so if they are fresh.... what about the almost pink yolk? it was much brighter after whisking....almost like the color of the sun when it rises or sets in a smokey sky?
  2. Celestial

    pastured eggs- when they're bad?

    thanks, I really DO like these eggs and it was a shame to waste all 4 .
  3. Celestial

    Whole 30 & Period

    just curious how many women under 40 have very irregular periods? or what a fat adapted paleo cycle looks like on the bell curve?
  4. Hi! So I'm doing this as new to eating meat and frankly, not handling the meat part well, cooking, eating, etc., even though I bought it from the farmers market... also bought some eggs which I have zero prob with and generally love, so I was going to make a egg bake and the yolks are bright orange, love it, but one was salmon colored, no blood though.... I started wisking away then got grossed out and tossed it all. Ughh, so much for breakfasts for the week. Was that egg bad?? Or is it just me?
  5. Hi Team! Thanks for all your help! I love this community! I know about the template just wondering, I guess what your personal was, it sounded like you might have a "formula" or go to that you ate every night! No worries! This is all new for me, especially eating fewer times a day and not after dinner.
  6. What is a "template" dinner? Is that following one of the recipes? Or just guidlines? Or a page in the book I've not seen yet? thanks! And I am really encouraged by your insight as to ending night eating! awesome!!
  7. Celestial

    Coconut Vinegar

    Is this available in stores or just online?
  8. Celestial

    PreWo and Fat?? Anybody see the study?

    On the subject of pre-work out...any idea's besides a HB egg, what about a TB of hemp hearts? I work out right away in the AM then PWO meal tends to be @ 9 or 10, I understand my next meal "breakfast" should be 60-90 minutes after the Post WO meal?
  9. Celestial

    1.5 yrs in the waiting, here I go!

    I appreciate the help. I'm still not really excited to be eating alot of meat...what about a whole egg and 2 whites for post? I'm learning to eat fewer times vs the 6 a day I've been used to! So happy for the guidance thank you!! I think Day two was better: here's my link for the log: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/30289-celestials-whole-30/?p=326493
  10. Celestial

    Coconut butter uses

  11. Celestial

    Coconut butter uses

    thanks, how then...are larabars compliant as they are sweet as all get out and I imagine being eaten as a snack in which there would be not a signifigant amount of protein?
  12. Celestial

    Protein powder

    I haven't read the whole book yet, but I am uncertain as to the recommendation of starchy veggies? Should that be only Post Workout? I see some dinners with sweet potato etc? Aren't we supposed to limit starchies (tubers, winter squash)? What is considered intese exercise to warrant a pre-post meal? I feel my training may be so 'lame' at the get go that I don't know if I deserve the extra meal and don't want to over consume. I'm a "recovering" fitness competitor, so bear with me on the OCD, plz.
  13. Celestial

    1.5 yrs in the waiting, here I go!

    Oh, I also took before pics but I see no one posting theirs and that's fine with me, lol! But now I have comps for when I'm done!
  14. Celestial

    1.5 yrs in the waiting, here I go!

    Day one~ whew! 1st day w/e Pre-work out in a looong time: >pre-run, green tea with lite coconut milk and a little gelatin, trying to get shoes on had to have another cup run/hike would have sucked for a training session but considering what I am doing and how I am healing my bod, it was ok. Mantra "I am more than a bodybuilding competitor!" Post *need a packable fuel source* by the time I ate...then after just bloated and energy-less, even though I hardly 'worked' >half a plantain, half zucchini, one egg, one white and a little turkey, handful sliced almonds >lunch: protien salad, sardines, olives, HB egg >dinner: seared ahi (6oz guess) half and avocado, baby greens, cabbage, carrots, coconut cream >snack: zucchini, egg, apple muffin (not much apple) lots of powdered ginger, coconut and coconut cream some black coffee - 3oz - only caffein besides matcha this AM and some swigs of coconut water saved me today I hope my egg muffins, which I only did as muffins, bc it was easier to make portions than a fritatta, are ok... I tracked my first meal in macros then gave up because I know that's not the point and I need to get free from that and learn to trust my gut - pun intended.
  15. Celestial

    Coconut butter uses

    Last comment very funny! Sooo what about coconut cream on berries?