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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good brand of Magnesium Chelate? I'm having a hard time finding something without a lot of extra junk in it. Thanks!
  2. milonac

    February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    The first 4 days have gone fairly well. Today, I am definitely struggling with cravings. I want all the bad things. I will not cave though!! I am committed to seeing this through. But, I am rethinking my dinner choice for tonight and feel like I may need to eat something a little heartier than the tilapia I was planning on. I see a steak in my future. LOl! I'm also having a terrible time focusing at work today. Our sleep schedule has been off the last few days because my dog had surgery and he's completely off schedule, so that is not helping. Few more days and he should be back to normal and hopefully I'll be back to sleeping normal. Hope everything is staying strong!!
  3. milonac

    February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    I'm in! This will be my third official round. We've only been cooking Paleo/whole 30 for the past 2 years, but it's always a free for all when we go out. And unfortunately, life has been crazy the past 6 months and we've been eating out and ordering take out waaaaay too much. I'm excited to get back on track and feeling good again. Look forward to getting to know you all better.
  4. milonac

    TTT and Renewed Crew January Journey

    Hello all - Hope everyone is doing well. I'm on day 4 right now and I notice yesterday all my bloating has vanished. I can't believe I didn't realize how bloated I was feeling. Overall, I'm feeling okay. Little bit of a headache/tiredness, but nothing compared to my first time around. I'm pretty happy about that considering how poorly I've eaten the last couple weeks. Yesterday was pretty chilly here and I wanted nothing more than a nice, warm, cozy cup of hot cocoa. I settled for a cup of peach tea. Which definitely helped warm me up, but I just don't get that cozy feel from tea or black coffee. LOL. (Life's tough, huh? ) I'm definitely with all of the cilantro haters. I love avocado/guac and i hesitate ordering when out because it's always full of cilantro. I've been gating sweet potatoes and making them in the morning with breakfast. I just throw it in a pan with some ghee and brown it up a little and mix it in with my eggs. I like when they get a little crispy. I've tried regular potatoes a few times, but i can't seem to get them to crisp up like the sweets. They just seem to get mushy. Maybe i'll try baking them first. hsheffield - Whaat?!?! Nom Nom Paleo has a podcast!!! I am definitely going to check that out. That may be my highlight of the afternoon! And who only comes up with 38 diets to rank, that alone seems ludicrous...there are hundreds/zillions or do the top 20 or 40...38 is just so completely random sounding. It offends my sense of symmetry. LOL!!! Love this!! I almost spit out my water reading this!
  5. milonac

    TTT and Renewed Crew January Journey

    Hi All...I forgot to mention that the Teriyaki is also NOT W30 compliant. It has soy in it so save it for February!! Thanks ladyshanny and crimsann for the update on being able to keep the dressings out. That will be helpful in the future.
  6. milonac

    TTT and Renewed Crew January Journey

    Nancy- I really love Tessamae's BBQ and Terriyaki sauce! They are soo good. The buffalo sauce is pretty good too. I've gotten the Ranch dressing, but I'm not a huge fan of Ranch so I'm probably not the best person to give a review. It has to be refrigerated and it seems to get hard in the fridge. I always forget to take it out to I haven't used it much. LOL. I also LOVE their Honey Mustard dressing. But, the Honey Mustard is NOT compliant. Yes...definitely wishful thinking! I see where your mind is at! Crimsann- I finally made the the sweet potato gratin recipe you recommended a while back. It was great and i'm definitely going add this to my rotation. For those interested, here's the link again. I was a little leary while making it but, it is very tasty!
  7. milonac

    TTT and Renewed Crew January Journey

    HI All! It's great to see so many familiar faces! Thanks Nancy for setting this up. I'm starting Round 2 officially today! I had been doing well up until the last two weeks, which was a complete whirlwind of traveling, work meetings, and many social gatherings. It feels really good to be doing this again and I'm really super excited! Last night I made the eggplant caviar from the Nom Nom app which was awesome! I threw it on grilled chicken and it was delish! I love eggplant but I never have any luck making it. It always seems to come out chewy or spongy. This recipe was pretty simple and very tasty. I'll definitely be making it again. This time my focus is to add more exercise into my routine, incorporate a larger variety of veggies and do a proper re-introduction. Good luck everyone!
  8. milonac


    Hi All !! I'm a little late to the party, but I started W30 today. This will be my second W30. I completed my first in September and this has been a game changer for me! I've struggled with my weight and my relationship for food for as long as I can remember. Up until the last two weeks I've been 90% W30 compliant with one cheat meal every week when we went out for dinner. Otherwise all the food in our house has been W30 compliant! We traveled over the holidays and our meals were a little more out of my control. So, I'm excited to get back on track and feel amazing again! I learned so much during my first W30! This time I plan to focus on adding more exercise into my routine and adding some variety to my veggies! Good luck everyone!!
  9. milonac

    Starting on Jan 1

    Definitely follow the meal template and don't be afraid to eat. This isn't a 'diet' so don't worry about calories, just make sure you are eating compliant food. Don't try to skimp on portion sizes or on your fats. I think this definitely helped me on my first Whole 30. I was a sugar junkie before I started the W30 and I was definitely intimidated by the program but knew I NEEDED it. The first couple days I struggled with the sugar dragon but it gets easier as long as you are eating the right foods and following the template. Since I finished my first W30 in Sept I've been about 90% W30 up until Xmas week. Then all hell broke loose! LOL! This forum is awesome! It definitely helped me along the way. It's great to hear about everyone's successes, tips, ideas, etc. It's also nice to know there are others that are struggling with some of the same challenges and can understand where you're coming from and help you through them.
  10. milonac

    Starting on Jan 1

    Good morning everyone! I will be committing to another 30 days on January 1st as well. I did my first W30 in September and it has truly changed my life. I've been about 90% W30 since, with the exception of the last week. I traveled back home for Christmas and needless to say it was a food nightmare. I feel like crap again and couldn't wait to get home on Sunday to finally eat some real food. I had great success on my first W30 and learned a lot about food and how my body reacts to different types of foods. I can honestly say that I love eating clean, healthy food now. I was a junk food junkie before my first W30 and struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I have completely changed the way I look at food, my body, and my health. It's allowed me to take control of my cravings. Food no longer has control over me, which is an amazing feeling. If this is your first W30, it's going to be a bit challenging in the beginning, but, stick to it. It is well worth the hard work! You'll be amazed at what you will learn from this experience! Good luck all! I'm excited to be on this journey with you!
  11. milonac

    The Tiger Tots of the CFC

    Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. I haven't posted in a while as I had been doing really well. I was staying 95% compliant with one meal or treat off plan on Sundays. But, Halloween did me in and made me realize how easy it can be to succumb to the nasty sugar dragon. We stopped at a wine bar on Saturday afternoon. I'm not much of a drinker, but we came across a very cute wine bar so we figured why not stop and have a glass. I had one glass of wine and things spiraled from there. One glass of wine led to a cheeseburger and French fries on Saturday night. Which led to a small package of kit kat minis. (Which aren't even my favorite, but I chose it over Reese's PB cups because that is absolutely FWNB/SWYPO.) I have no idea why I thought that was a good idea. That later led to a chocolate muffin on Sunday afternoon and then I finally caved and had several Reese's PB cups anyway. I truly felt out of control and all I could think about was eating more candy! Ugh! It made me hungry all day. And honestly...I would still love to eat more PB cups. It's scary how easy it is to spiral out of control. I hate that feeling. So, I'm back on lock down. All candy is being banished from the house!
  12. milonac


    I would also suggest joining one of the groups doing a W30 on this forum. I know that helped me tremendously with staying strong and keeping me on track. The camaraderie, suggestions, and positive energy, etc were helpful. It's nice to be with a group of people have the same struggles and triumphs you are. And from my experience it's a completely judgment free zone!
  13. milonac

    I CAN'T eat "mostly Whole30"

    I completed my first W30 in September and just like you I would have done anything for pizza and ice cream...anything. The key word here is "would have"...not anymore. Obviously, everyone is different and reacts differently (physically and emotionally) to foods. But, my first attempt at pizza was horrible. I felt terrible, physically, after and at this point, you couldn't pay me to eat pizza again. The funny thing is that before I ate the pizza I had a debate with myself about whether I was going to eat it. Pizza for dinner wasn't my idea, and the thought of grilled chicken and some mixed veggies sounded just fine. But, I figured what the heck my W30 was over and I was still eating compliant anyway. So, I ate it. The bloating, uncomfortable stomach and the almost 'hangover' type feeling I had the next morning just isn't worth it to me anymore. I haven't had any ice cream.. I had thoughts about it a few times, but I've found that dairy and I don't mix well together. Thinking about how I might feel after even just a small cup of ice cream is keeping me away. Needless to say, the W30 has completely changed my life and my relationship with food. I never in a million years thought I'd ever consider not eating pizza, ice cream, or chocolate. But, here I am...51 days into my new lifestyle and loving the control I have. Honestly, at day 15 I was still probably dreaming of pizza and ice cream and imagining how heavenly it would be to have some. You might be surprised how much can change for you in the next couple weeks. If nothing else, it will hopefully become more of a choice/decision for you to eat it rather than an uncontrollable craving to get it.
  14. milonac

    The Columbus Crew

    I like adding the dried mustard powder. Today I made the mayo without it because I was all out. It doesn't have a strong flavor, but I think it helps emulsify the mayo and makes it a little thicker. Good luck! I can't imagine buying store bought mayo anymore. Tessamae's now has mayo and I contemplated trying it. But, it's so quick and easy to make on my own, I figured it wasn't really worth it.
  15. milonac

    The Columbus Crew

    I struggled with the mayo at first too! I tried 3-4 times without any success until I tried this recipe. Someone from one of the other groups recommended this recipe and it's worked every time for me! I also got an immersion blender which you can pick up for around $15 at Walmart. It was well worth it and I think clean up is a little bit easier. I bought a jar that my immersion blender fits well in and then I just store the mayo in that jar. Don't worry, you'll get it. And once you do, it'll be easy, breezy!