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    Question for Type 2 Diabetics

    Hi everyone. I'm a Type 2 just starting the Whole 30 today. I've been watching my diet with Weight Watchers with success in being aware of what I was eating by logging on the computer site's journal/log. The actual weight loss was not as successful as I wanted because some of the meds tended to make you gain weight My weight has dropped but goes up and down by a few pounds so by starting this program with my doctor's blessing I know I'll succeed based on eating real food not processed and by deleting SUGAR, DIARY and LEGUMES My background in Diabetes is I had a very large Diabetic Support Group of over 450 members as president, trained by a Diabetic nurse to host multi-ethnic multi-cultural support groups and affiliated with the top Endocrinologists, Ophthalmologist and other top specialist in the city Also I was a director on the board equivalent of the American Diabetic Association in Quebec (Canada). This I did for a few years before I left the country and let my VP take over I look forward to positive results and no negatives I wish everyone well going forward and if I can reach out to anyone within my capacity from my background I will be more than happy to assist