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    Also, I wanted to add, my sister gave me her lab results.  For her two tests prior to going on paleo, her TSI tests (antibodies indicating Grave's disease) were 493 and 555 (the lab range shows anything over 140 as being marked high).  She just had her antibodies retested (after about a year and a half on paleo), and they are down to 221.  So they are still high, but much better 
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    krenzel16 got a reaction from Karma Way in Graves' disease   
    She has been on a paleo-like diet for about one and a half years (we do eat dairy but mostly follow Whole 30).  I'm not sure how long she has been in remission, but she is completely off Methimazole and has been for awhile.  She sees an endocrinologist for Graves (and also diabetes) and they test her antibodies maybe once or twice a year.  She is very glad she ignored the medical advice to zap her thyroid.  Graves disease is an autoimmune disease, not a thyroid disease, so it's the immune system that needs to be addressed, and the best way to support your immune system is through a healthy gut with a diet like Whole 30 (IMO).
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    I've been Type 1 diabetic for 20 years and been doing Whole 30/Paleo for about two years.  My A1c has dropped from 6.8 to 5.8, and I feel much better (fewer lows, which leads to fewer highs).  With more stable blood sugars, I feel a lot (!) better.  I eat three meals a day and around 30 carbs at each meal.
    I had a big problem with lows when I first started.  I carry packages of Juicy Juices with me at all times.  The small ones that have exactly 15 grams of carbs.  That is what they taught me in diabetes education - if you are low, have just 15 grams of sugar then retest in 15 minutes.  If you are still  under 70, have another fruit juice.  Otherwise, the 15 carbs should be all that you need.  (Note:  it seems like you already know all this
    I have an Omnipod as well, and it has helped me a lot in managing lows.  I have found with the new diet, I am prone to lows overnight, so my basal rate overnight is actually down to 0.25 (and I still just woke up with a low!).  Overall, my insulin needs have been cut nearly in half on paleo.