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  1. ItsMeMeg

    Starting 8/17

    @Honu: I read a blog somewhere (Nom Nom Paleo, maybe?) about stuff to have on hand to make it easier to throw a Whole30 meal together quickly, and the list included canned tuna, olives, artichoke hearts, roasted red right now I'm having a salad with tuna, artichoke hearts, olives and and egg chopped up in it. Makes the salad seem more interesting and substantial, and adds some different texture. So that was helpful. Someone said they were sick of oil & vinegar dressing, and someone suggested adding a chopped egg, which really helps add richness. So that worked for me, too. Granted, I'm only on day four...but I'm feeling good and confident that I can finish!
  2. ItsMeMeg

    Starting 8/17

    Hello! I started 8/18. How are you feeling? I'm Meg, I'm 43 and live in Southern California.
  3. ItsMeMeg

    ISWF or The Whole30 Book?

    Thanks. That's very helpful. I will read Whole30 first I guess, then backfill with the other. The rationale behind the rules will help me stick with them.
  4. ItsMeMeg

    ISWF or The Whole30 Book?

    I'm sorry if this has been asked elsewhere; I've searched and can't find it. I'm actually on day three and sucking down the content on this website, but I need to get out and buy the books. Do I need both It Starts With Food and The Whole30? I read that there's considerable overlap between the two. If I only need one, which one? And if I need both, then which one first? Thanks!