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  1. PallasAthena

    Whole30 Compliant Lox

    There is an Aldi close to my house. I will see if the US one is compliant as well. Thanks!
  2. PallasAthena

    Whole30 Compliant Lox

    Ah, thanks for the search term tips! I was hoping I could find something that would be good over my eggs with breakfast. I thought lox and avocado would make a nice combo with the eggs. But ouch. Not sure I can afford WF.
  3. PallasAthena

    Whole30 Compliant Lox

    Okay, I tried to search this, but because lox is only three letters the search engine errored out! Has anyone found a Whole30 compliant lox? All of the lox in my grocery store had sugar in it. So disappointing. Why do we need to put sugar in every little thing? Anyway, if anyone has found lox that is compliant, can you let me know? Thanks!