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  1. Kombucha without added sugar

    Don't those kombuchas have alcohol in them?
  2. Okay, so this site says that I can drink kombucha, which I love, but I am having a hard time trying to find any without added sugar (and no I do not want to make my own).Does anyone know which brands and flavors are compliant?
  3. I'm on Day 4 as well, and grrr do I want some honey and powdered creamer in my coffee. It's the only real craving I have. Sucky!!!
  4. Start day August 21, and worried!

    Yay! I made it through day one. I have a headache and feel a little nauseous, but I did it. I love the can I have section, already used it.
  5. HI everyone. I generally don't take the time to become part of discussion forums but I also have struggled with my health and food choices since I learned about the Paleo Diet. I don't have support, I live with a boyfriend who does not agree with the way I make goals and challenge myself, so it gets hard to keep up my willpower. It doesn't help that I have been sick for so long that I don't know what it's like to feel good so every time I try to make healthy choices I feel like nothing happens, (probably doesn't help that my 'healthy food choices' never really last very long). But this time is different! I am going to use this site as support and remember to read the blog and comments on how everyone else is doing to help me keep my momentum. I want to feel better, and it's time to really try to change.