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  1. day 21 still dragging

    Thanks. Yes, I should have been more specific. When I mention the veggies, they are pretty large amounts made into large salads. Yes, breakfast I really struggle with. I have zero interest in vegetables when I wake up. I have only minimal interest in any food at breakfast. I do pretty well with water and only work out occasionally since time with little ones doesn't allow a lot. We did move 6 weeks ago. Even though it was to a place we are familiar with, I suppose that could be stress. ;-) I'll give it some more time and work on my breakfast meal. Thanks.
  2. Canning salsa, need recipe modification ideas

    I'll look into it, thanks!
  3. This is our 2nd w30. The first we did about 20 months ago, but super rushed the reintroduction because of the holidays. Hubs and I are on day 21 and still feel like we're dragging. He remembers having "tiger blood" last time, I never did have "tiger blood" the last time, but both of us feel like we're missing something here. I still am taking 30 min naps every single day. We do have a 3 yr old and a 10 month old who keep us on the go, but I'm not sure I can contribute the lack of energy entirely to that. I should mention we had company for 3 days, but we were exhausted before they came. We did remain compliant while they were here (hurray!) even though they chose to ate other foods. I did eat more fruit than I normally would, I don' t know if this contributed, but now I'm having crazy sugar cravings again. It might be psychological since my guests ate all kinds of things I would love to eat. Meals for the last 2 days (sorry, I can't remember any further back than that) B: 2 eggs cooked in ghee 3 sausage patties (about 1 oz each) 1/2 a sweet potato baked handful of bing cherries L: 4 oz of compliant lunchmeat in lettuce wraps with tomato, onion, cucumber, mayo 1/2 and additional cucumber with ranch dip S: taco salad, about 1/3 lb of taco meat huge plate full of chopped greens tomato, onion, green pepper, salsa, handful of black olives sliced B: 3 eggs cooked in lard 1/2 a baked sweet potato sliced into rounds and fried in lard 1 peach L: hamburger "salad" lettuce, tomato, onion, compliant bacon, mayo, pickles, mustard applesauce watermelon S: Same taco salad, we had a huge amount of left overs Any suggestions please? I know tiger blood isn't the only goal, but it would be nice to not feel like I had to drag myself around all day. Thank you!
  4. I have always canned my own salsa and love my recipe. It is no sugar added and we always get rave reviews. I unfortunately forgot it has corn starch as a thickener. We are on day 21 of our 2nd W30 and I already know from the first W30 that corn products are not my friends. I just bought my tomatoes today at the farmers market and they need to be canned soon! Can anyone suggest an alternative thickener for corn starch that would be adequate to use in canning? I'm not very familiar with all of the non-grain thickeners and how they should be used. Thank you!!
  5. nausea after eating?

    Sure. Sorry, I didn't think to do that. I don't really measure my portions, so I'll do my best. Yesterday: B: 2 eggs scrambled, 3 small sausage patties, fist sized portion of hashbrowns (white potato, I have a mental block against sweet potatoes). Snack: banana, handful of almonds Lunch: palm size serving of ham (no glaze), rounded, heaping handful of green beans, about a cup of fruit "salad" (strawberries, apples, bananas). Snack: left over ham maybe half a palm size, handful of cooked broccoli (3/4 cup?) Snack: 3 small sausage patties, more green beans 3/4 cup? Snack: banana, left over salad, pretty small 1 cup or so, with herb vinaigrette dressing. I didn't really eat supper, I just sort of snacked every 2-3 hrs. Blame that on the weekend, I usually do have 3 clearly defined meals on work days. Day before yesterday: B: 2 egg omelets with about 2 cups of veggies smashed in there (tomatoes, peppers, olives, onions) Snack: 3 small sausage patties, apple Lunch: homemade spaghetti meat sauce over zucchini noodles (full plate full), green beans 1/2-2/3 cup? I can't remember an afternoon snack. D: palm sized pork chop, cereal bowl full of salad with vinaigrette dressing, snack: sausage patties, handful of strawberries, handful of almonds I realize as I write this some meals I'm probably not eating enough according to the meal template. But I stop when I get full and I had been focusing on that rather than how much I was following the suggested serving sizes from the meal template. I'm also not going to apologize for so many sausage patties ;-) They are one of the few proteins that I don't' have a current aversion to. Another aside, I am eating lunch at work right now, it has been 25 min since I started eating. Left over spaghetti sauce and zucchini noodles and I had about a cup of fruit salad left over from a brunch we had this morning and I am starting to feel the nausea as I type. Sigh. Thanks for your help.
  6. Greetings. Looking for a little guidance or insight into my troubles. I am on day 6 of my 2nd W30. The first I did about 6 months ago, but rushed the reintroduction because of the holidays and family get togethers. I am also 15 weeks pregnant. I specifically didn't start until after the first trimester was over because I didn't think I could be complaint with all of the morning sickness I was having. I've done a lot of research about h pylori being a cause of nausea in pregnancy and it has been a lot better since I cut out breads and sugars. I am confused now by the fact that since starting w30 I am getting nauseated AFTER I eat. It is pretty consistent, happens right around 30 min and by 45 min post meal I am fighting hard to keep my meal down. I eat lots of small meals throughout the day so my stomach doesn't get empty. Really it is like 6 half sized meals, e.g. 1/2 a protein serving and 1+ cups veggies or serving of fruit and the appropriate amount of fat. If I let my stomach get empty I definitely will begin vomiting. I'm aware of what that sensation is and I don't feel this is the same thing. I'm just confused and distressed because it is problematic for work (I work in a people helping field where I can't just run out 45 min after eating) and it is getting old. Really old. Any thoughts? I'm open to any suggestions!
  7. Doing AIP but don't need it?

    Yeah I feel boredom might really be a problem. Breakfasts are going to be challenging. I'm trying to think of them as a chance for different food rather than missing my eggs, potatoes and meat. We are only 2 days in so we'll see. I hope we start to see improvement soon.
  8. My husband and I started our 2nd w30 on Jan 2. Did the first in Nov 2014. Through the course of the first one my husband developed horrible acne that became progressively worse. Then during the reintroduction he actually developed eczema which he has never had before. After much discussion we decided to do the AIP. Well, actually we were just going to cut out nightshades but found it was easier to find AIP recipes that nightshade free recipes. Anyway, I don't think that I actually need the AIP, but since he was such a trooper and did the W30 with me the first time around I want to be supportive and do the AIP with him. Are there any health concerns of doing the AIP when you don't need it? Thanks!
  9. I actually posting for my husband and for me. I discovered around day 10 or 11 that raw veggies were not my friend. I have had cooked veggies everyday since except for around day 20 when I tried again. They still were not my friend. I tried again today (28) and I can tell where it is headed. Will this naturally correct itself or is there something else I can do? I can't blow up with gas and stomach pain every time I eat raw veggies for the rest of my life. Why was this not a problem for me before? And for my husband, he has always had a little acne which he believed was related to dairy consumption and he actually had very little before we started this. Now on day 28 his acne is infintely worse. He says sometimes his skin feels dry too. Typical day: B - some combo of eggs and ground beef/sausage, sweet potatoes, maybe an omlett L- Left overs from supper S - (last 3 days) plantain nachos with lettuce, tomatoes, green pepper, olives, avocado, jalapenos, etc chicken chowder (chicken, carrots, sw potato, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, coconut milk) and fruit walnut crusted pork tenderloin, green beans, California blend veggies. Are drinking lots of water. Any suggestions for him and his acne? Thanks!
  10. ghee, tallow, lard hack

    Maybe this has been posted before, I haven't looked, so I am so I apologize if I am duplicating. I was so tickled to discover that my ice cube trays each hold 1 Tablespoon of liquid. So this last time I rendered tallow I filled my ice cube trays with tallow and let them cool. Then popped the tallow "cubes" out and am storing them in my fridge. Makes it so much easier to know how much fat I'm using in recipes! No more hacking off chunks of tallow and wondering! I will be doing the same with my ghee next time I make it and my lard next time I render it! Hope this helps others too.
  11. I posted a while back and determined that my digestive problems were related to eating too many raw veggies. That was around day 10/11. I have been raw veggie free since then and tried a little salad on day 19 and then a little again today, day 23. Both have resulted in discomfort, belching and issues with the lower GI track. I know some had said that I might need an enzyme or probiotic? How long do I wait to see if this will fix itself. I'm pretty tired of cooked veggies. How do I know where to find the right thing enzyme or probiotic? Is there anything else I can do to try and fix this without those? Thanks for the help!
  12. prework out ideas - hate hardboiled eggs

    Tom, I'm curious, when you say that being a morning person has to do with hormonal rhythms is that something that change naturally? I have actually found that I further I get into this, the more energy I have later and later and I have actually had more difficulty getting up even at the same time I usually do.
  13. prework out ideas - hate hardboiled eggs

    That is a thought for eating before my workouts. I guess I was concerned about eating a full meal and then trying to work out too soon afterward. Can I just split my meals? 1/2 before and 1/2 after a workout? It is actually pretty hard to prepare a meal between the time when we get home and when I put my LO to bed. She is young enough she requires near constant supervision. Could I eat my meal as my post work out and just make sure it has plenty of starchy vegetables?
  14. Greetings all, I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I actually stopped working out when I started w30 (now on day 17) because I couldn't figure out the whole pre/post workout eating. So I have two things I need help with because I REALLY miss working out. 1. I hate hard boiled eggs. I've tried. I can't get around the sliminess of the white or the taste of the yolk. I hoped it would change as I got into this, but it hasn't. Some non-egg ideas to get a fat and a protein? 2. I am not a morning person. I never will be. My problem is it is just me picking up the little one and getting her fed and put down after work. By the time all that is done on a good day it is between 6:30 and 7. That means I eat a pre-wo snack and then work out and I'm not eating supper until 9:30 or 10 at night! Which is when I need to be getting into bed. Does anyone have some clever ideas on how to schedule all of this differently? It also means literally the only things I will do at night is feed my toddler, eat a snack, workout, eat a snack, prepare food, eat a meal, clean the kitchen, go to bed. This is not practical. Help? TIA!