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  1. Katka

    Coffee and coconut milk

    Hi can I have just a coffe and coconut milk? I found in istruction you are not supposed to make creamy thing to coffee made of coconut milk, almond flour and other ingredients but not sure about just coffee and coconut milk. Thank you
  2. Hi with nuts try to soak them for few houby before eating.
  3. Hi I found out that after eating raw vegetables I feel bloating and I have stomach aches. Does anyone else have problems with it? So I am eating cooked vegetables now but will it get better after Whole 30? I am afraid these is less vitamins in cooked vegetables. Thank you.
  4. Katka

    Kombucha without added sugar

    Oh so I've read now in details on the website that you can use only Kombucha without sugar Which is usually added after to the Kombucha. So I guess I will prolong my Whole 30
  5. Katka

    Kombucha without added sugar

    I didnt find any Kombucha without sugar but in the book it says that Kombucha is allowed so I guess it means also the ones with sugar?
  6. Katka

    Stomach Virus

    Hi I would really suggest chicken broth and tea made from ginger with lemon. I also wasn't feeling well at the beginning. For me it is hard to get use to not eating sugar hope you are well soon.