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  1. WholeMamma

    Whole30 & Trying To Conceive

    I should also add that both hubby and I ate a very clean Paleo diet the three months prior to be sure we were as healthy as we could be for our future little one. I was still about 20 pounds overweight but managed to have a healthy weight gain of 25 pounds over the pregnancy by following a mainly whole30 diet to be sure I was eating enough and eating well. Once the food aversions kicked in that was another story and for another post but managed to get back on track shortly after.
  2. WholeMamma

    Whole30 & Trying To Conceive

    Exciting times!! Congrats on deciding to start a family! Hubby and I did a whole30 right before we started trying which happened to time perfectly with when I ovulated and we were fortunate enough to conceive right away. Just follow the template and eat full meals and your body will thank you. Good luck!!