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  1. Hi All, I can't believe I am still weighing less on the scale every week. Love this way of eating, and she has lots of free information if you are interested. brightlineeating.com, lots and lots of interesting information and the latest research on brain responses etc. So I am a Bright Liner for as long as it takes, it is about so much more than food and I have never felt this peaceful or in control in my life. Hope you are all happy and doing what you like, Happy Belated birthday, Nancy. Sounds like you had a marvellous time wtih your family. Vozelle hope your tests come back perfe
  2. Hi Everyone, hope you are all doing well. I am loving Bright Line Eating and will keep going with that--finally something that is working and I am feeling so well, calmer, happier than I have been for a long long time. As I said before, many W30 foods are fine and of course I will continue to eat non-processed whole foods and with 20 oz vegetables a day, 12oz fruit (which can be switched for vegetable) and 12 oz protein, I know I am eating what I need and the proportions I need. So will be sticking to this long term. Hope you are all well and happy.
  3. Hello All I have been doing Bright Line Eating now for a full five weeks and am down 21 pounds! Can hardly believe it. As I say it is in some ways similar to W30 but no sugar no flour and quantities are important. But for me it is working brilliantly. I have been wondering how you are all doing and will check in from time to time but my main focus will be BLE for the next while. There is a lot of new research on exercise and brain function with weight loss, it does make sense to me and is working. Hope you are all well.
  4. Sounds like you are motoring along beautifully. I can't believe the helmet with a tiara--LOVE IT! Hope you both have great times on the trails. xxx
  5. Well I haven't been around for a while and here's why. I was so low about not moving anywhere weight wise and not willing to go another 'diet', had enough of that for twelve lifetimes, but didn't know what to do. Of course, as it happens information crossed my path and I have been reading about Bright Line Eating, the ebook is on amazon.com for $1.99 until the end of May. It makes a lot of sense to me and is based on very very current research. I have been following it for a couple weeks and have actually lost weight for the first time in over a couple years. Not hugely different from this but
  6. Hard way to go but good outcome. Hope you are feeling better daily.
  7. OMG! You have to be taking care of yourself! Not good.
  8. I tried to respond but the computer doesn't like me any better than I do at the moment. I can so relate to you, Nancy and Cynthia. I have decided sugar and flour are out for life for me and have to do it one day at a time or perhaps one meal at a time. I haven't lost any weight on W30 but have changed some habits and developed some good ones. I W30 but have changed some habits and developed some good ones. I need to do something to change the weight however so have been doing more research. Flour and sugar, in any form, are out for me and hopefully that will help. I will be in and
  9. Hello Easter has been and gone along with the rabbit and his chocolate--I did eat a marshmallow egg and honestly it tasted so awful I won't do that again! Didn't even really want it to begin with but there you go. have been having a terrible time personally lately so struggling to eat at all, much less properly. I haven't done too badly but really could do better. Emotions just take over my life at times and everything goes belly up! Does anyone use Open Office? I am having a terrible time formatting some documents--would really appreciate some help if a
  10. Hi Nancy sorry to hear you are having problems with your house-mate. Never easy I think--no wonder marriage is such a marathon Having several challenges here and not coming off so well but all part of the process I guess. Made a chocolate gananche the other day and for some reason used sugar--then ate it-- at least some of it. Normally I don't have any sweetener in it just the avocados, oil and cocao powder--who knows how that we sugar devil jumped up. Never mind, I was ill after and won't' be doing it again. I discovered last week that pork is not good f
  11. it is like a drug and the problem was I didn't even have anything sweet to stimulate the craving--weird. Never mind I made up for it the other day and won't even tell you what I had, just being defiant and taking it out on myself. How stupid. As Nancy would say: "Really? How odd." So I had laugh and moved on. Foot much better and have no idea what was wrong or what fixed it--thanks for your concern.
  12. Hello Have been MiA for a while, did something to my foot that is not nice and am limping around so am not very pleasant lately. I would think if I damaged it I could remember it, but nothing in the memory banks about injury. Just woke up unable to put weight on it. Any suggestions? Sounds like you are doing well, Nancy. Love the ' Really, how odd' will take that one with me too. I am still laughing. I have been fighting a few chocolate chip cookies and muffins, lately, not that I want them but I can almost taste them. Thank goodness I have made batches ahead so am
  13. Hi Doing well but have been having some creepy little thoughts about cookies and muffins. I really don't want to eat them but they seem to be calling me so have been trying to figure out why. Have been doing exercise everyday, not a huge amount but regular so that has to count for something and I can feel that does. Shape shifting again. I am so pleased we decided to stay together for this past year, I think for me, the cracks have been showing up beyond the initial effort and now I feel much more solid in my journey. Thanks to you all. I appreciate bein
  14. Sorry, Nancy can't do the cleaning for you. I am only good on middles, you need my husband who is such a thorough cleaner it is frightening. I will speak to him for you but don't hold your breath.
  15. Hi Just checking in to see what's happening. Have been doing well so am pleased. But had some setbacks this week, ended up going out for meals three times (almost unheard of in my world!), I didn't eat the obvious things, like bread that was served with the meal but there were things not allowed, like salad dressing that I didn't realize was even on the salad. So have not been 100% but going with my new approach to life, not a huge setback. Although I did notice a difference in my slacks, the waist was definitely much more snug than the previous week. I can't believe the small amo