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    realfoodwithdana reacted to SugarcubeOD in Halfway through...NO WEIGHT LOSS!!   
    I second Ladyshanny, you are definitely not eating enough.  5 pieces of shrimp does not a meal make.  When you restricting food and calories, your body's only response is to hang on to every last bit you're giving it because it cannot trust when it's next good serving is going to come.
    Please check out the template linked in both mine and ladyshanny's signature and try and make your meals to mirror what the template asks.  If you want to eat shrimp for breakfast, which is totally fine, you need to eat 1-2 servings that are equal to the size of your palm (thickness, width, length)... I know that's more than five.
    Please also note as you go forward in building template meals (including 1-3 cups of veg, not including salad greens and added fat as per template) that nutrition is cumulative and as you've been restricting (not necessarily intentionally, but your body doesn't know that), it will take some time for your body to realize the change and start to trust you.
    Also, definitely no scale.  Please focus on the non scale victories and if you are able, list five non scale victories you've had in the last 15 days.  If you're not sure what NSV are, think about skin condition, hair, nails, mood, sleep etc... what has improved or benefited in the last 15 days?  What do you hope to see improve (besides weight loss) in the next 15 days?