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  1. Will I eventually be able to run fast again

    Now on day 29 and have been feeling great on my runs. The recommendation of a hardboiled egg and a handful of nuts pre-run or workout has been amazing. I'm not usually hungry at all at 6:00 am, but it's totally worth it for how I am now feeling when I run. I'm also not too far from 50 so need all the help I can get;)
  2. Starting my second Whole30 on Monday, August 7th!

    Hi, I started yesterday too! This will be my third time. I too didn't do so well with monitoring the reintroduction, so I'm hoping to be more careful this time. I absolutely feel better when I eat this way, for so many reasons. It seems like the biggest problem I encounter is around sugar. I can go no sugar for 30 days, but the minute I have it again, it is like a drug, how quickly I go back to eating it. I also can do without the gluten.
  3. Pre/Post Workout Snack Ideas

    I typically workout/run early in the morning. Any recommendations for easy, small pre-workout snack? I go as early as 6:00 and find it difficult to eat much. Before Whole 30 I would eat nothing. I will eat a full meal for breakfast after...
  4. Will I eventually be able to run fast again

    I am so glad to see these posts! I did my first Whole 30 in 2015, and I couldn't find anything about this. I convinced my husband to eat Whole 30 with me, and he bailed because his legs were so weak. It's reassuring to see that this is something other people experience. It is also great advice to not be training for anything. I'm on day 2 this go around, and am hoping I can be patient with the heavy legs in the beginning...