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  1. arosenberg01

    Day 15 - Feeling NO Better

    Keep pushing on. Some people just take a little longer. And, make sure to check ingredients in everything, even any supplements you're taking. Good luck, you got this! 30 days is a drop in the bucket.
  2. Check ingredients on any supplements you're taking. I had the same thing and I realized two of mine had honey and one had soy. Stopped that and I'm feeling great--on day 17.
  3. arosenberg01

    Day 27 - Feel like crap

    My husband felt like this for his first 2 whole 30's. We are on our third and this time he's being REALLY careful about reading labels and making 100% sure there isn't any contraband in everything he eats. Not saying you're not doing that but maybe look at what you're eating, and, if you're on any vitamin or anything check those ingredients too!! I had been bloated and miserable and then I found that two of my supplements had honey and one had soy! Stoped taking those and I feel great now. I'm on day 17.
  4. arosenberg01

    My 3rd Whole 30--Bloating?

    Okay--Thank you! to all of you who responded to help me trouble shoot this thing. Today is actually my day 17, I was looking at the calendar wrong before. AND! I am feeling AWESOME! I take a multi vitamin, trace minerals and fish oil. So, this morning before I took all that I said "Hum. I wonder what these have in them?" And? Two of them had honey and one had soy! So, I think my body was trying to detox but I kept feeding the beast. I am feeling great! And, I'm over the hump. Cheesy, greasy, doughey stuff that I would normally go "Oooo that looks good" doesn't look good anymore. Woot! Doing a happy dance.
  5. arosenberg01

    My 3rd Whole 30--Bloating?

    I forgot to add that. I'm on day 14...
  6. This is my third whole 30. Well, the second one I stopped at day 15 because I was losing too much weight too quickly. So I started a third one to reset my eating. My first W30 I felt great! I was energetic and felt so good. This time I'm bloaty and feel gross. One difference is that for the 3 weeks before I officially "started" my first whole 30 I cleaned up my eating. No ice cream, no fried food, none of that stuff. This time before my whole 30 I tried to cram all that stuff in before I started. Large blizzards, egg rolls, loaves upon loaves of bread (Okay that might be an exaggeration but still...). Is this just my body detoxing? I haven't changed my diet from my last ones to this one. Typical day looks like this: Breakfast: Fried egg, banana & half of an avocado (sometimes mashed up with homemade salsa) Lunch: half of a sweet potato, chicken breast (cooked various ways), salad (kale, romaine, cabbage, carrots) with olive oil and balsalmic and a piece of fruit (an apple or banana) Supper: Turkey/chicken/beef, sautéed peppers/onions, salad, fruit salad, sweet potato of some kind (roasted, mashed, etc). This is the same types of food I ate last time and I was fine. Does this mean I need to whole 30 until I'm not bloaty feeling? That's what I'm thinking. I don't think I have any other underlying medical issues. What gives?