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  1. erincita123

    nuts & nut butters!

    Thank you for the input!! I fell off my Whole30 bigtime and am heading into another one - ARGHHHH!!! Running a lot + eating well at the same time = a big challenge for me!!! Onward!
  2. erincita123

    nuts & nut butters!

    Thank you! I will try the raw coconut! I also noticed my face is breaking out in little red splotches/patches & I've had a very crampy tummy....hmmmmm, maybe my body is trying to tell me something about the nuts/nut butter! I am def eating more of it than usual. Thank you for the tips!!
  3. erincita123

    nuts & nut butters!

    i think i need to cut out nut butter and nuts completely.... they both seem to really have a pull on me (day 8) --- i was feeling great until yesterday when i reaaaaaally overdid it on the nuts - UGH. I am posting this here b/c i am a runner and train for ultramarathons....i am used to indulging in PB and almond butter for a good hit of protein and fat -- but i think i need to X them out for my whole 30. any other nut butter addicts out there who can offer an alternative??? does this craving mean i need more protein? i feel like i eat a ton of protein! Thank you for any tips!
  4. erincita123

    Any vegetarian/vegan success stories out there?

    Okay...trying this AGAIN. Tomorrow = a new day 1.
  5. erincita123

    Any vegetarian/vegan success stories out there?

    Not good!! I did not prepare my food well, and my crazy work schedule and evening mom duties got in the way...I learned: not planning meals = failure. Whew, ok. Starting over!!! Tomorrow = Day 1. Just baked 3 sweet potatoes for the rest of the week. Have tons of eggs, veggies, coconut milk, etc. I can do this!!! Congrats Theresa on day #4!!! Are you vegetarian as well? How are you feeling? Thank goodness for this forum. I hate to say "I failed already!" but I appreciate the accountability factor. So much. Onward! Erin
  6. erincita123

    Any vegetarian/vegan success stories out there?

    Starting tomorrow, November 5th!! Should be an interesting and very worthwhile experiment...I am excited to get off the crazy hi/lo sugar roller coaster and feed my body kindly!! Thank you for the thoughts, everyone! I will share my vegetarian whole 30 experience here
  7. erincita123

    Coconut Manna substitute for coconut oil?

    What is it?? Like a spread?
  8. erincita123

    Any vegetarian/vegan success stories out there?

    Thank you Kirsteen! Very good points. I think I'm going to go for it as a vegetarian 30 days, and see how I feel! I will report back! I appreciate all the input!
  9. erincita123

    Any vegetarian/vegan success stories out there?

    Thank you, all, for the thoughtful responses! This is not something I take lightly, and I do realize that it is a very personal choice...I'm not out to change anyone or contend that one way of eating is better. I honestly have never really imagined NOT being vegetarian or vegan, since it has been my way of living for so long. Through pregnancy, living overseas, training hard for marathons, etc etc.... I love vegan food. Problem is, I also love sugar. My questioning now comes from a place of feeling like I still have emotional hang ups surrounding sugar/ sweets...and I have wondered if that is a result of eating insufficient protein. I don't know. But I don't like the constant cravings or the energy highs/ lows. Would simply adding eggs ( a lot of eggs) do the trick in place of meat? I am allergic to fish and seafood so that is not even an option. I guess I want the "straight poop" - I know food is very personal and fads come and go....I am not interested in a diet or quick fix. Nor am I interested in Crossfit/ Paleo, etc etc. I am interested in being as healthy and vibrant as possible & participating in my chosen sport at a very aggressive level (running). To that end, I wonder if I "should" try eating meat?? Or is that even necessary.... This is becoming a very long winded, all over the place post! Sorry about that! I appreciate all the responses. Sounds like everyone here has gone from veg or vegan to eating meat... Really not sure if that is the path for me. Thank you again for the comments!!!
  10. I have been a vegetarian for 20+ years and vegan off & in within that timeframe. I am a 42 year old female. I am a marathoner/ultrarunner, very healthy and active generally speaking -- I stumbled upon Whole30 as I am constantly looking for ways to "heal" my weird relationship with sugar/sweets/carbs....I would like to lose and few lbs and tone up, though my main objectives are to increase steady energy levels, regulate mood and get off this crazy sugar train! I have yet to read any real success stories from vegetarians and/or vegans. Not sure if that's b/c it is not appropriate for vegetarians or if folks have tried and found it difficult or ??? I am willing to eat eggs, tempeh, tofu, edamame and the occassional nut...(i tend to go overboard there as well). Any stories out there? good/bad/interesting/helpful? Thank you!