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  1. Thanks, everyone! I'm thinking ladyshanny is on to something - if my body is working on healing itself, there could be a "breach in its defenses" - though I didn't get the cold till day 15. I sometimes get really tired after eating a meal, so I think I'm not completely acclimated to eating clean yet. Been chicken souping it for a while - tired of making it, actually, because my girl had the cold before me! ;-) Stinks being the mom, because if I need healthy food, I need to cook it! ;-D I'm all about the comfort food now: tonight it porktastic meatloaf (thanks, Michele Tam at NomNomPaleo!) and mashed potatoes. Resting as much as I can - my youngest got felled by the cold today (she's 12), but not as bad thank goodness! Amy
  2. Hi, All Logically, my immune system should be humming perfectly on Whole30 (Day 18 now). But both my teenager and I caught a wicked bug that's been going around. I'm confused because I haven't been sick in about 5 years (been Primal for 4). As soon as I start Whole30 I get wholloped - what's going on? Bad luck? Super bad bug strain? Or does my immune system take a dip during Whole30 before it gets better (just like the rest of the body needs to adjust to the new diet)? Thoughts? Thanks! Amy
  3. Hi. My 2 cents: remember that when we change our diet, our hormones need to normalize, too. So, even if it's not PMS, your body is still sensitive to the chemicals racing around in it. I'd give it another week or so and see how you feel. :-)
  4. i080581

    Eggs not welcome here

    Always glad to see a new thread, even if it's the same topic as a while ago! My teen doesn't like eggs, and she's just not hungry at 5:30 in the morning when she has to get up for school. We just stick to (compliant) bacon and fruit (in season - now it's apples or bananas). That does the trick. Personally, I love hash!
  5. i080581

    Starting September 14

    My 16-year-old daughter and I are starting on Monday, too! I have been doing a lot of meal planning, as she has a pretty limited palate. She is also in school all day, which adds another complication! My daughter is battling weight, and I am getting that middle aged spread, plus my neck breaks out I think from dairy. I have been living primal/Paleo for a while, but have been eating too many gluten-free items rather than primal/Paleo. Really looking forward to getting back on track, and doing this with my daughter!
  6. Hi, Everyone. My teenage daughter and I are starting Whole30 soon. I'm wondering if anyone has advice on start date - or, rather, a start day-of-the-week. Sunday? Friday? Monday? Also - would love more advice for a picky teenager. Having trouble figuring out what to pack for lunch for her - she can't always heat something up. High schoolers typically graze throughout the day whenever they can (which I know isn't what they should be doing on Whole30). I don't want to start until we have a few of these details worked out. Nervous - more about my daughter than me - I want her to feel supported. She's "in" but it's a huge change for her! :-) Amy