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    britgirl got a reaction from simmie in Intro   
    Hi I thought the forum would be buzzing with the plant based launch! My daughter and I are starting next Monday so planning this week. I’m a bit concerned about getting enough protein, while staying reasonably low carb. I’m pretty familiar with the original w30 and always feel much better after doing it so let’s see how we do! 
    Signed up to the intro session but it starts at 1am for me ( in the U.K.) and I’m not THAT committed! 
    mods : could it be recorded please? 
    Good luck all 
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    britgirl got a reaction from peacefullyfierce in Is anyone interested in a Nov 1 start date?   
    Happy to find you all! Nov 1st: count me in! 
    Like @Rebecca001id planned to start in mid sept but events overtook me and just now getting over flu - had decluttered the chocolate cupboard ( you can guess how I did that!) shopped and cooked and then just wanted hot apple juice for 10 days, then too weary to care what I ate. So Nov 1st will be perfect as a big wedding and birthday w/e next weekend and sometimes you just have to fit in. 
    I clarified butter this eve,( my “post a flag” thing)  and will make Mayo and a big batch of bolognese tomorrow so I can be compliant at home this week, and start to build some good habits. (Like no latte. Sob!!) It’s only 30 days and I KNOW I’ll feel so much better for it so delighted to find some likeminded people to share the journey. 
    Think this will be my 6th time through! I try and do twice a year to help joint stiffness, digestive issues& general meh  and I never fail to be amazed at the no scale victory results. 
    This forum (and the moderators) are brilliantly encouraging. So let’s do this- the whole “whole 30” together and feel fabulous by December!