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    britgirl got a reaction from peacefullyfierce in Is anyone interested in a Nov 1 start date?   
    Happy to find you all! Nov 1st: count me in! 
    Like @Rebecca001id planned to start in mid sept but events overtook me and just now getting over flu - had decluttered the chocolate cupboard ( you can guess how I did that!) shopped and cooked and then just wanted hot apple juice for 10 days, then too weary to care what I ate. So Nov 1st will be perfect as a big wedding and birthday w/e next weekend and sometimes you just have to fit in. 
    I clarified butter this eve,( my “post a flag” thing)  and will make Mayo and a big batch of bolognese tomorrow so I can be compliant at home this week, and start to build some good habits. (Like no latte. Sob!!) It’s only 30 days and I KNOW I’ll feel so much better for it so delighted to find some likeminded people to share the journey. 
    Think this will be my 6th time through! I try and do twice a year to help joint stiffness, digestive issues& general meh  and I never fail to be amazed at the no scale victory results. 
    This forum (and the moderators) are brilliantly encouraging. So let’s do this- the whole “whole 30” together and feel fabulous by December!