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  1. Success for Women over age 50?

    I'm on day 19 and food boredom is setting in....I eat meat, potatoes, veggies but apparently not enough variety. I eat some fruit but not a lot because I was a major sugar addict, notice I said WAS. I eat a handful of cashews for a snack once a day. What's your favorite meal now?
  2. Success for Women over age 50?

    Day 9 and so far so good. Not ever really hungry and I am less bloated.
  3. I'm only on Day 6 and I still feel pretty bloated. I was hoping to hear from some women over 50 yrs of age who have been successful. I am post-menopausal and am hoping to lose some weight, though my primary goal is to just get off the "sugar train"!. Hoping to hear from some women in my age--range. Thanks!