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    I am so happy to read about others' experiences with reintroduction! I just finished my first Whole 30 a few days ago. I started reintroduction with a half-glass of red wine the night before last, with some hesitation, I'll admit! I felt okay the next morning, but have gradually been feeling worse (headache, crankiness, feeling generally negative and tired). I am going to take this whole process as slowly as I can. I am thankful for what I'm learning, even though I feel awful right now. I already knew that I needed to avoid dairy, especially cheese and yogurt (aged cheeses and probiotic yogurts and drinks are the worst for me). I have also decided to eliminate coconut. A bit of research yesterday led me to a connection between sensitivity to wine, cheese and coconut--I had no idea they could be linked. Now I suspect I have an amine sensitivity, which is going to be a wole new topic to learn about. So, back to the foods that worked for me during the Whole 30, and on to the Super Slow Roll reintroduction.