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  1. I am a Newbie...literally my first day is tomorrow! But...Raven and Zyriel...I had to respond because this is actually one of my skepticisms of the Whole30. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited and curious and, am I ready to feel better, look better, eat better. But...during reintroduction, how do I know that I am actually sensitive to a particular food group, or if my body is just not used to processing that particular food after a long absence of it in my diet?? It's not that I don't believe in food sensitivities. I just don't want to cut out cheese for over a month (one of my favs), only to find out that I get a bit bloated if I eat cheese, but after consuming it regularly (few times a week, for example) the symptoms go away...and perhaps once again cheese can be enjoyed in my future life. Which leads me to the obvious question...Why cut it out in the first place? Why not just scale back on amounts? I have not read "It Starts With Food", and I'm sure there is some scientific reasoning I am not aware of, so shine the light on me!!