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  1. OneLittleBrit

    Anyone on Pinterest???

    Here's mine
  2. OneLittleBrit

    Breakfast & lunch ideas

    Of course i checked the ingredients too Anything i'm unsure of i never buy. the bacon was 100% compliant.
  3. OneLittleBrit

    Breakfast & lunch ideas

    Hi Enthuz, i got the bacon from Sprouts, it specifically says no added sugar on the label but it was last week and i can't remember the brand. Completely compliant and delicious though, if i get some more this weekend, i'll add it to this thread.
  4. OneLittleBrit

    Breakfast & lunch ideas

    Thanks all these are very helpful. MTNan this is fab, i'm only on day 2 but the prep takes so long! going to try the cooking in bulk. I've also seen a post of lots of chopped veggies that are already prepped - thought that was a good suggestion. Thanks Everyone!
  5. OneLittleBrit

    Breakfast & lunch ideas

    Thanks i'll try some googling. I'm not sure about eating a "dinner" meal for breakfast though.
  6. OneLittleBrit

    Breakfast & lunch ideas

    Today is my 1st day on Whole30! Yesterday, i was doing my meal plans for the week - all my dinner meals are fine, but i'm struggling for breakfast & lunch ideas. Breakfast needs to be quick (had scrambled eggs & approved bacon with avocado this morning) and got a salad for lunch (no meat, i forgot!) but i don't really have any other ideas. Lunch needs to be able to go to work with me, and i have around 15 minutes for breakfast before i leave for work. I also want to keep my husband interested with tasty food as he is doing this with me. Thanks for your help!