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    I get mine from Sprouts as well - I believe it's Pederson's No Sugar Hickory Smoked Bacon.  The ingredients are pork, water, less than 2%: salt, vinegar, celery powder.
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    Hi Enthuz, i got the bacon from Sprouts, it specifically says no added sugar on the label but it was last week and i can't remember the brand. Completely compliant and delicious though, if i get some more this weekend, i'll add it to this thread.
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    Of course i checked the ingredients too Anything i'm unsure of i never buy. the bacon was 100% compliant.
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    I eat the same thing almost every day for breakfast, and the same lunch most weekdays as well. For breakfast, I heat up a pile of sweet potatoes (bulk cooked on the weekend) and maybe toss in some other protein if there is some in the fridge, while I heat a pan to fry eggs.  Throw baby spinach on the plate once the potatoes are hot, put the eggs on top of the spinach, and breakfast is served. I do vary the fat for breakfast, some days olives, some days half an avocado, some days a half an apple with almond butter. It takes about 5 minutes to throw together, 10 to eat. Yes, I do leave the dirty pan on the stove top until I get home from work, but the pan doesn't seem to mind!
    Lunch is pre made in bulk on the weekend as well.  I make tuna salad with homemade mayo (and a few other add-ins like celery, apple, dill, lemon, whatever strikes me), and cut up and pre-bag veggies (usually celery, red pepper, olives). I will typically throw in a serving of fruit and a container of leftover veggies from dinner the night before. I rarely have access to a microwave to heat lunch, so I always plan on things that can be kept and eaten cold. Maybe I'm lucky that I don't mind the same thing day after day, or maybe Ive decided that if I'm going to be picky I'm going to have to spend even more time on meal planning and prep. Which I don't care to do! 
    I should add I'm not currently 'on' whole30; I did my one and only to date in January of this year. So it's not like I've been eating the same thing for only a week or two at this point! I do vary my foods when I am off work (school holidays and summer), because I think that's important for nutrition. Dinner is always different. For those times when time is short, find something you like, stick with it. Vary meals when you can manage. 
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    Cook big batches of soups too. Heated up and poured into a coffee mug, soups are great for rushed mornings or hasty lunches.
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    Hi Beachcomber!
    I started my Whole30 journey today so thanks for this post, i'm following and looking forward to hearing your experiences!
    Do you feel better? i'm looking forward to not feeling sluggish & bloated all the time!
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    As a previous non breakfast eater getting over this mental jump was one of the most important things to me on my first whole30...there really is no reason why you can only eat x, y and z at breakfast. I eat leftovers a lot for meal 1 now