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  1. I enjoyed my first Whole30. I called myself trying to do the Slow Roll reintroduction, but I have found that I can find opportunities for "treats" and "rewards" almost everywhere. How do healthy eaters, and by healthy I mean both with food choices and healthy psyches too, create an atmosphere of healthful eating with room for occasional indulgence? What IS occasional? What IS an opportunity for reward? How often should I allow myself treats? I'm jumping back on plan for a few days to try and straighten up.
  2. swestie

    Timing of breakfast when working out

    I'm heading back into the gym in earnest this week, but I went with the intention of NOT being intense as my back is still not at 100%. I did row a couple of miles and kept my HR at a 5-6 or so on the 1-10 RPE scale. I had an egg and some coconut oil in my coffee, and I also had a meal size serving of meat and a boiled potato after. Can't say I was hungry for breakfast, but I ate it anyway. This is all still right?
  3. Four days into my first Whole30 (I'm on day 18 now), I pulled a muscle in my back. I've aggravated it twice more since then... I'm all fueled up with nowhere to go! At any rate, my doctor prescribed me stronger Aleve which I take 2x/day. I read in the book that this is not great for the gut, so I'm really working to incorporate the healing bone broth into my days. Is this a good strategy? Also, does it fit onto the meal template? Or is like a freebie? Drink it anytime? Thanks!
  4. swestie

    Timing of breakfast when working out

    @Kirkor "What kind of workout? I'm a CrossFitter. I'm taking things a little easy this week because I hurt my back last week. In general, 15-25 minute workouts at a high intensity.
  5. I've read in the Whole30 book that I should definitely eat something before working out, and something after working out too. But it also refers to this meal as an "extra" or "bonus" meal. I work out at 5:30AM. So I had a little protein and fat before, and a little after working out, including a carby veggie. Were these two my breakfast? Or am I supposed to also eat again for breakfast? I am confused.
  6. swestie

    Am I eating enough?

    @missmary - what if I'm not hungry though? Should I skip a meal? Eat smaller portions?
  7. swestie

    Am I eating enough?

    @jmcbn, two days of eating breakfast, and I'm hitting a caloric goal for someone working to lose weight (which I am). But man it's hard. I'm still not feeling hungry. I did strain my back at the gym on Monday, so I haven't worked out since then. Could it be that all of this delicious fat I'm eating is keeping me satisfied?
  8. swestie

    Am I eating enough?

    Okay. I'll do better. Thank you for the feedback.
  9. I'm finishing day 7 of my first Whole30. I try to track what I'm eating just because I like to. I'm noticing that I'm eating around 850 calories. I'm not really hungry, and I've got weight to lose. But is this too few? Sometimes I'm skipping breakfast?? I guess I could make sure I get that in? Does it matter if I don't feel hungry?
  10. swestie

    Deli Meats?

    Are the following things YESes or NOs? Sliced deli turkey Salami Sausang Thanks.