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    burgards reacted to praxisproject in CALLING ALL JANUARY 1ST WHOLE30ERS!   
    Day 3 for me and I'm finding I am really loving ghee this time around, not sure if it's the different brand I bought, or if I'm just cooking with it better
    Roasted a chicken yesterday and used the chicken fat in today's breakfast on my kale, yum!
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    burgards reacted to Bemcbe in CALLING ALL JANUARY 1ST WHOLE30ERS!   
    Day 2 coming to a close. It really helps to read all the other posts here. I feel like there is this special connection and support going on. It's a good feeling and I thank you all for your strength as it passes on to each of us.
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    burgards reacted to angiemjohnson in CALLING ALL JANUARY 1ST WHOLE30ERS!   
    I started my second Whole 30 yesterday.  I did my first mid-October to mid-November, and it was awesome.  I have never felt so good.  I continued to stay away from grains, but reincorporated my half and half for my coffee and the holidays got me with cocktails and all the sweet treats.  I have a really awful sugar dragon.   Despite staying true to the Whole 30 eating style for the most part, my energy dipped back down, I had breakouts and my itchy skin returned.  What confuses me is that I know how good I can feel- why would I choose to put something in my mouth that takes me down that dark road?  So frustrating!
    Something I noticed yesterday upon starting again is how I don't feel restrained by this eating style.  On the contrary, it frees me from making decisions between eating an off-plan food or not.  My daughter gave me one of her Lindor truffles, and I said thank you and set it aside.  No agonizing about whether or not to unwrap it and eat it.  
    This morning I woke up at 5:00 with the headache, but I am already feeling better.  Hoping it doesn't take me several days to feel that tiger blood that I've been missing like crazy.
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    burgards got a reaction from found.in.nature in CALLING ALL JANUARY 1ST WHOLE30ERS!   
    I'll be doing my second Whole 30, and I am starting today. First one in October 2015 was extremely enlightening. As everyone said, but I failed to believe until now, it's easy to let things slide after you leave the strict confines of the formal program. I'm looking forward to a little more toeing the line in the next month, and am bringing some first timers along this time - they start on 1/5/16.
    I am planning either a whole45 or a whole60 this time. I need a little more time, I think, to solidify habits and I know what I'm doing this time.
    Looking forward to feeling deliberate and vibrant again in a few weeks.
    hugs to all who are starting their journey now too! It's so very worth it, for those in their first (scary!) whole30 experience.
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    burgards reacted to NancyW in TTT and Renewed Crew January Journey   
    Dom, just read your intro thread and discovered we were practically neighbors! I live in Milwaukee. I have relatives in the twin cities, and really love that area. 
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    burgards reacted to Crimsann in TTT and Renewed Crew January Journey   
    Decided the new year needed a fresh look...and I'm trying to think of the best way to "introduce" myself without repeating too much for those who have already heard my story. 
    This will be my third official W30.  My first was in June of last year.  I read about the W30 on a blog I enjoy which is entirely unrelated to healthy eating and I will admit what first caught my eye...no, more raised my eyebrows...was the image the blogger put with the post.  She was talking about how she had finally found something that really worked for her, but then the picture right below where she started to talk about Whole 30 was of a Target shopping cart piled with nothing but cases of La Croix.  Now, old hats with Whole30 will get that maybe...but as a total outsider at the time, my first thought was "well sure, an all sparkling water diet would definitely have an impact but what the heck?!?!"  I had to click through and find out more about what crazy fad diet was this chick up to! 
    I still don't really know what made me dig in deeper after the realization that it wasn't just water 24/7, but within a few weeks I had read/listened on Audible to both books and had signed up to start June 1st.  I completed June, and went on to do July as well though with two instances of using compliant ingredients in non-compliant banana ice cream type ways so I do not count July.  I did a few reintroductions in August, but then followed some of my former July pals in doing another complete Whole30 (with an added workout challenge) in September.  For 2016 I will be doing January-February-March and June-July-August, though my intention is to do breaks during February and July where I again work on staying with entirely compliant ingredients but using them to do some additional non-compliant things.  I completely agree with the rules around things like not making "ice cream" out of frozen banana's during a Whole30 but I'm curious to explore that territory as a sort of middle zone between being on the program and being off it.  It also breaks up the 90 days into three parts rather than trying to go full steam straight through until April.  How much I will make use of that break remains to be seen, it all depends on what recipes I find to play with.  I don't have any specific items in mind, just an easing of the structure without actually reintroducing anything.
    To be honest about where I'm coming from, I did this initially for the challenge and to push the limits of what I could do with healthy foods and to kindle more enthusiasm for cooking and eating the way I really want to rather than the way that is convenient.  I don't have any particular health challenges like some, but I have an intense work-life that leaves little time for tending to myself if I'm not committed to doing so.  The benefits I found from Whole30 aside from it really getting me back in the kitchen included; some significant weight loss, improvements in my skin (softer, clearer, glowing), better sleep (still not enough hours, but better quality), definite improvements to my temperament (almost had to turn in my redhead card), and I just really like looking at the contents of my grocery cart and feeling smug.  LOL!   
    My biggest struggles will be with finding the time to stay properly prepared and still get proper rest.  I suspect the winter season is going to kink up my plans and I've been plotting ways to stay one step ahead of the game by writing out meals even further in advance and maybe even doing some things to freeze as the temperatures and conditions here start to slide into what I personally consider to be hostile territory.  I should warn you now, I hate winter.  I don't get SADD I get mad.  I don't think snow is pretty even in postcards.  Well, maybe a little pretty, but I find I can hate pretty things when the need arises.  As my commute is a good 45 minutes on a sunny summer evening, you can imagine what it's like trekking into my rural area on a bitter icy night in January.  Trips to the grocery for lunch if I forgot to pack or to pick up something for dinner on a Thursday night are unlikely if not actually dangerous.  On top of that, I once broke it all down and in order to get even the minimum 8 hours of sleep...I need to complete all of my daily cooking/cleaning/prepping/eating/exercise/dressing/personal grooming in two hours as I literally spend the other 14 hours either driving or at work.  I do have weekends off and that is the only thing that makes this possible!
    So those are my goals and my challenges, my favorite part of the group approach is sharing recipe and meal ideas and keeping things lighthearted whenever possible but helping prop up anyone having a rough day.  I will definitely be trying to post a little something every day, but I am currently mentoring a new co-worker and the next few weeks in particular will mean less time than ever, ever, ever for keeping up with the social part of this. 
    Speaking of social, though I don't expect she will be reading this just yet...I believe today was a wedding day for one of our September group if I've got the timing right!  Best wishes going out her way! 
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    burgards reacted to mergthemagnificent in TTT and Renewed Crew January Journey   
    Hi everyone, and Happy New Year!! And welcome Amy and anyone else new. You,ve landed with a good group who KEEP IT REAL.
    Miss Lindy, I thought of you on NY Eve, since you were ahead of us all...except, maybe Hirondelle...and Nancy, you are a champ to get us started. Thanks to you for taking the plunge.
    I did my first W30 about this time last year and felt GREAT, and my second over the last couple of months of 2015, even though I didn't check what kind of oil my cashews were roasted in . I will take the next two days to get really set up....make fresh mayo, cook up some stuff, organize menus...oh, yes, and tonight, finish off the rest of that bottle of champagne from last night. I know, Crew, you've heard me whine about wine...and it's true that wine and sugar (closely related) are my Waterloo....by just couldn't end the old year without the bubbly. I will be done with that tonight.
    I will also ramp up over the next three days...sort of a soft start...but then really flip the switch on MondAy....for day counting purposes. Have already weighed...and don't need to measure since I've felt my jeans shrinking since I finished my last w30 in Nov, followed by a perfectly miserable reintro, which was a bit more like skydiving back into a huge pile of bad habits than a careful reintro.
    Thanks to everyone for being there...and let's do this!,, not just for now, but as the start of a new food enjoyment plan....learning to make and enjoy so many new things....bone broth, persimmons, pear salad....
    Those of you who started today: lead the way!!
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    burgards reacted to Mistyfire in TTT and Renewed Crew January Journey   
    Starting my third W30 with a goal to simplify. Did pretty well through 2015 with staying compliant maybe 90% of the time. I did learn, though, that there are just some foods I can't keep in the house - Ice cream, even if is soy, gluten and dairy free. Guess that leaves the sugar as the culprit. I very steadily and slowly lost 30 pounds this year. Also lost swelling in my knees and skin outbreaks on my face. Happy to leave these things behind!
    Success advice: follow the template. It really does hold me 4 or 5 hours. I rarely, if ever, snack anymore -a HUGE change from a year ago. My energy stays very level and consistent throughout the day and evening.
    Good luck to everyone here!
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    burgards reacted to bpaitsel in TTT and Renewed Crew January Journey   
    NancyW - thanks for getting us going!
    This is my 2nd W30 - did the first with the Crew Oct/Nov 2015.  I have been gluten free for about 1 1/2 years so had already seen improvements in a lot of areas but knew that I could feel better.  I did feel better on W30 then started re-introductions and found out that reaction to dairy is the cause of pain in both knees that has been intermittent for almost 2 years.  Didn't do the rest of the re-intros as cleanly as I should have so that is why I am doing a 2nd W30.  Even though I haven't been eating gluten or many gluten free items like bread/pasta/baked goods I have been eating too much sugar and the last few weeks have felt lousy.  My goals are to do the best W30 I can and to do a slow-roll re-introduction period of one food (not food group) at a time.
    Tips:  as stated about - plan, read, prep, repeat.  Even though planning is crucial, think of this as good decisions one meal at a time and before you know it the time for re-introduction will be here.  If you have never made your own mayo or bone broth then consider doing it - it's worth it.  Try new foods - I don't like the taste of coconut but I have used the canned coconut milk to substitute for cow milk in recipes as well as for making ice cream (AFTER W30!!!)  
    I too felt like the anonymous accountability to this group and the support from the group was all extremely helpful to me.
    Everyone have a Happy New Year and ... here we go!
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    burgards reacted to whatmeworry in CALLING ALL JANUARY 1ST WHOLE30ERS!   
    Well - what a lousy night. Day 1 probably ended with too little food at supper, even though I felt stuffed right after, and I was hungry and restless all night. Day 2 hangover, yep.
    But what a lovely big breakfast! I have not enjoyed breakfast that much in ages. Luckily I did not scoff at the idea of zucchini ginger soup with breakfast, and I had made some ahead and had it warmed up before the coffee was even started. I read this stuff a few days ago and thank Melissa Joulwan for her great resources at http://meljoulwan.com/2016/01/01/whole30-resources-roundup-3/ Slurping that lovely green stuff got me through making some kind of mishmash omelette with lots of leftover veggies. Then coffee - fortunately I have always been a black coffee, espresso allongé drinker. 
    My head does not feel great. Even though I have eaten quite well over the past couple of years (keeping off a 35 pound loss!), the control has been slipping and I know now by this reaction that it has slipped a lot! Curse those lovely red wines I discovered lately...
    It's 10:30 am. Too early for a nap???
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    burgards reacted to Leeleego in CALLING ALL JANUARY 1ST WHOLE30ERS!   
    Hi there. I’m a 38-year-old married Canadian mother of two nine-year-old twins, trying this for the first time, starting Jan 4. Posting here, nervously, to commit and hold myself accountable.
    Formerly fit, slim, and over past ten years have slowly gained 15-20 pounds with poor eating habits, sporadic exercise, pretty sedentary lifestyle. No major health issues, thankfully, but just a creeping deterioration in how I feel overall and a seeming myriad of minor complaints that I worry signal worsening health. I’m basically starting to stare down 40 and really not liking what I see in that future mirror. Not just how that person looks, but who that person IS.
    Obviously I’d love to feel better and lose weight by the end, but I have a bigger goal: just to actually complete the challenge.
    The “this is not hard” pep talk resonated, and I understand, yet at the same time I feel, “but… this IS hard, for me.” Indeed, at this point, it seems so hard as to be completely impossible. And saying that makes me feel really wussy, and self-indulgent, and disappointed in myself.
    That’s my greatest fear, here at day -2. I’ll fail, again, like I do at every goal I ever set… I’ll give up… I’ll let myself down again. The truth is, I don’t even believe I can do this. And somehow in my mind, it’s like, if I could do this, this one thing, this thing which maybe isn’t even hard for most people but is really really hard for me, then I’d know I can actually do things I want to do. For the first time in a really long time. If I could do this I think maybe I could do anything. Be anything. Change everything.
    So all I ask is total psychological transformation. Can you do that for me, Whole30? ; )
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    burgards reacted to blmorris in CALLING ALL JANUARY 1ST WHOLE30ERS!   
    I completed day successfully! My daughter invited my husband and I over for supper, I read the labels on products she used and ate only the food items that I could. It was not easy to pass up dessert because I love sweets. But I did. Looking forward to day 2 today! Enjoy reading the other posts, keeps me motivated! Thank you all!
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    burgards reacted to ablakevet in CALLING ALL JANUARY 1ST WHOLE30ERS!   
    Bizzaro day 1. Started out with a great M1 and a lovely, albeit freezing cold hike. Ran some errands. Devastated when Whole Foods was out of my sugar free bacon. Got home to water pouring out of my dishwasher and at least an inch of water thoughtout the kitchen. Seriously considered giving in and going to the corner bar for cheeseburger and a beer.
    Instead, I had a brief cry, got on the forum and read about everyone else's day one success. Then cleaned up and ate some leftover chili.
    Feeling frustrated that my resolve was tested so early. But also very good that I stuck to my guns.
    Already have another delicious M1 under my belt today. And about to head out for a run.
    Keep up the good work everyone
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    burgards reacted to 4 Paris in CALLING ALL JANUARY 1ST WHOLE30ERS!   
    Okay, here goes... I've just finished Day One, 01-01-2016 and treated myself to the new Star Wars movie. I Just joined Harrison on a little millennial falcon ride for motivation to really do this thing! Please share any idas to help reduce the withdrawals.
    And to each of Us: The Force Will Be With Us!
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    burgards reacted to Shakti in CALLING ALL JANUARY 1ST WHOLE30ERS!   
    Hi, Friends,
      I'm Shakti, and I began my second Whole30 this morning. I thought I didn't over-celebrate for New Years, but I've felt really terrible all day. But, I ate well, and enough, and I'm happy about that. I'm doing this Whole30 because 1) I'm beginning even more sensitive to gluten and 2) 2015 was easily the most challenging year of my life. I'll be 43 this month, and I knew I had to definitvely choose myself and my health. I've gained nearly 30lbs in the last 2 years-- dealing with grief and stress. So, yesterday I weighed myself one last time, and turned my attention to making my health the biggest priority for the entire month.
    And I'm excited because I remember how great I felt the first time I did it!
    I'm just going to take it day by day. I've scheduled 2 massages and a sauna session. I can't curtail my schedule because I own a business, but I'm off until Monday Jan 4, so I should be able to kind of get myself righted over the weekend.
    2 things I want to cook this month
    Lamb meatballs
    marinated and grilled chicken hearts
    Truthfully-- after drinking like a fish all month I'm missing a cocktail right now. I stocked up on Kombucha and teas, though.
    I will survive!
    I'm grateful I have the resources to choose exactly what I eat.
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    burgards reacted to pickle14 in CALLING ALL JANUARY 1ST WHOLE30ERS!   
    Happy New Year everyone!  Alison here.  I began my third Whole30 today.  I always feel better when I'm done, and my diet has been slowly changing for the better since I first began last summer.  So, I'm back.  My hope is to slay the sugar dragon once again.  I live in The Great White North in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, north of Wisconsin.  Not much snow so far this winter.  
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    burgards got a reaction from found.in.nature in CALLING ALL JANUARY 1ST WHOLE30ERS!   
    I'll be doing my second Whole 30, and I am starting today. First one in October 2015 was extremely enlightening. As everyone said, but I failed to believe until now, it's easy to let things slide after you leave the strict confines of the formal program. I'm looking forward to a little more toeing the line in the next month, and am bringing some first timers along this time - they start on 1/5/16.
    I am planning either a whole45 or a whole60 this time. I need a little more time, I think, to solidify habits and I know what I'm doing this time.
    Looking forward to feeling deliberate and vibrant again in a few weeks.
    hugs to all who are starting their journey now too! It's so very worth it, for those in their first (scary!) whole30 experience.
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    burgards reacted to Loulabelle in Day 31 & a mixed bag of results   
    Things are still going fantastically! Since my last update I spent almost 3 weeks travelling around South Africa where it was surprisingly easy to stay compliant. We Braai'd mostly so lots of delicious meat and veggies cooked over wood fires. When we stayed in catered places I did have to resort to a pile of bacon & avocado for breakfast a couple of times but the bacon there is very thick & meaty therefore could count as protein. Biltong, which is sort of similar to beef jerky but much better, was a god send for the long drives we had to do so I never went hungry. 
    I still feel wonderful eating the majority of my meals W30 style, my skin is great, my mood is fantastic despite a couple very stressful events & I'm still losing weight. I'm now the lightest I have been in 15 years! I don't obsess about what I weight though as it does fluctuate up and down a little but my belly is again flat and my clothes are all too big. I jump on the scale occasionally out of interest more than anything and also as a bit of an experiment in fluctuation, it really does yo-yo up and down depending on time of day, month or whatever. The obsession that we have with the number in that little window is such an evil thing, why should we allow that to determine how we feel about ourselves? We are all so much more than that. 
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    burgards reacted to Loulabelle in Day 31 & a mixed bag of results   
    OK now I have a real problem. I got my winter clothes up from the cellar and all my dresses that I love to wear are way too big for me! Since my last update I have dropped more weight and at least another 4cm off my waist; my UK size 12 clothes no longer fit me. I'm going to have to look at getting a lot of my clothes taken in 
    This week I have met up with people I have not seen in years and the compliments I received on how good I look, not just physically but mentally were rather flattering to my ego  . Everyone said separately how happy & content I look and those were the best compliments of all! I put that down to the food I eat making me feel so damn good. 
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    burgards reacted to SugarcubeOD in Need some help with what to do about my reintroduction   
    Maybe I"m splitting hairs or being a bit of a jerk but psychology plays directly into how we view food... that said, my suggestion is... it's not a cheat... it's a decision you're going to make at points along the way to indulge in something that is worth it to you. Cheating makes it sound like you should feel guilty after... like you're not in control of what you choose to put into your mouth and worst of all, that you've done something wrong...
    You're the only one you have to be accountable to and that means that you can't and don't cheat... you decide...
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    burgards reacted to Linven in Need some help with what to do about my reintroduction   
    True, you have a good point. I do realize it is a decision to eat something that might not be optimal for me. It is more adult, I suppose, to call it a decision.
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    burgards reacted to JenHZ in November 2015 reintros   
    by "give it a pass" I mean it succeeded not that I will skip over it. sorry for the misleading wording.
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    burgards reacted to tangerine in PRESSING THE RE-SET BUTTON   
    Today I re-started with Whole 30,  after 2 weeks of staying on the program and then kind of blowing it over a weekend. But it is what it is. And there's no other way but to face it, suck it up and start all over again. 
    From my first Whole 30, I've had vacations and normal life with all its normal challenges in between each cycle. I've mostly tried to eat clean in between each round, but haven't been perfect. I've gained some weight on less than conscientious holidays, lost it, got back into the healthier routine, been on track most days and less than perfect on others. Some days I can confidently look a  chocolate croissant in the eye and say with conviction, "no thanks", then there will be a day when I'm not so sure ( around my period!). The first Whole 30 went well ; Cycle 2 ended after 2 weeks of feeling sleepy and weird and had to be re-started; Cycle 3 was  good  but was strictly speaking a Whole 28 and  and now Cycle 4 ended over a weekend with half a non-compliant pizza ,and wine. I'm still mulling over the emotional triggers that led to that.
    But such is life. And this is a  lifestyle change after all, a decision on how to feed yourself forever for the rest of your days so it will always be a work in progress. I have yet to say I've fully tamed the sugar dragon. So I keep at it until one day I know I've licked it for good.  
    There are things I do know for sure though, after 4 cycles and now re-starting.  
    -I feel better when I eat this way; not only am I more energetic but mentally more effective.
    -There is a sense that I am in charge of my life and food is not in charge of me.
    -I know it isn't a "diet" really, but I get the best results after I complete a cycle, and I am closer to my end of the year weight goal ( 15 lbs away now).  
    -When I am conscious about the quality of my food in between cycles, I feel like I'm being good to myself.  And  finally,
    -I figure, now matter how much hard work it takes to reach one's goal, you're still pretty much ahead of the game than if you just decided to  stay on your couch, polish off those chips and that pint of mint chocolate chip.  
    Here's to the re-set button, and getting there, wherever it is, and whatever those goals are. 
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    burgards reacted to Jeweliana in November 2015 reintros   
    Hey friends!
    I'm back from St. Louis, where I finished my 30 days and had day 31 & 32 as well. St. Louis was a bit challenging -- I found myself craving salads (very unusual for me) so had them whenever possible, but also found that some meals in restaurants were not enough to fill me up in certain cases, like lunch of a "seared tuna salad," which included probably 2 - 3 ounces of seared tuna over a relatively small bowl of greens. I was STARVING the rest of the afternoon, and that evening ate half of a Whole Foods organic plain rotisserie chicken like I was a cavewoman, tearing it apart and shoving it in my face (okay not literally, but pretty close) along with a good pile of veg.
    I'm back, and had a tiny reintroduction of about an ounce and a half of good dark chocolate made without soy lecithin. Yum! And it really felt like plenty -- I didn't want more, and was very satisfied. No ill effects from that, I assure you. Today I'm trying some sheep and goat dairy -- we had a nice frittata for lunch with vegetables and andouille sausage, topped with Manchego and Pecorino Romano cheeses. Delish, and so far so good, although I'll wait and see. I'll probably try some goat yogurt later in the day, and we may have a bit more goat or sheep cheese with dinner. After today I'll wait a few days and try cow dairy; then a few more days to try non gluten grains, and then on to the gluten. I have a feeling that cow dairy and gluten are not my friends, sadly. But if I can maintain the way I feel AND also tolerate sheep/goat dairy, and have a few grains (an occasional bowl of rice or corn pasta would be nice), and I can keep my sugar dragon more in check but still enjoy some occasional chocolate and other treats, those would all be big big wins.
    I do feel that I've had so many great results from this. I've dropped about 8 pounds, am sleeping well without sleeping pills, no acid reflux, high energy, more positive frame of mind, decrease in bruising, decreased allergy attacks and responses to environmental allergens, VERY flexible in exercise and daily life, improved balance (can hold dance and yoga poses for long periods of time)and don't seem to have as much joint pain and random "aches and pains." I did have a whopping headache yesterday, but that may have been because it was a "travel day" with airline flights etc., which is always somewhat stressful for me.
    My husband has dropped 9 pounds, thinks it's not enough, and claims no positive results whatsoever. I think his disposition is greatly improved as well as his energy, and he looks great. But he's not very observant about these things, honestly.
    In any case, I look forward to hearing more about people's reintros...
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    burgards got a reaction from Brenridge in November 2015 reintros   
    Incredible scale and non scale victories! I am so happy for you. And I am looking forward to my oatmeal test next week after travel is done, I love me some oatmeal.
    I have decided that the reason I lost less weight that you folks is that I was already not regularly drinking before I started-that must be it, right? (wink, wink)
    I am so proud of everyone and very grateful for the support and camaraderie.