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  1. JenHZ

    February 6'ers...

    the blood test is not definitive for celiac. also check if it is one you have to eat gluten for it to be useful. I know you have to eat gluten for weeks for the scope diagnosis. you might try again with a less gooped up multi form of gluten. really plain crackers or matzo would probably work sorry for the pain
  2. JenHZ

    Bug out bag

    No great ideas here. I do hope you can have power soon.
  3. JenHZ

    February 6th begins the new "us"

    great . Can I pop in next week for my reset after my trip?
  4. JenHZ

    February 6th begins the new "us"

    someone should start a team us reintro thread. moderators appreciate if we don't talk non W30 food where the new people look great job everyone
  5. JenHZ

    Bug out bag

    that bottle looks like a must have. We are also near a big natural gas pipeline. That is what would make us leave in a hurry.
  6. JenHZ

    Bug out bag

    true but also don't' want to be any more physically uncomfortable than we have to be. functioning bathrooms probably wont' be available or medical care. we have tp and stomach remedies in there too. but only a roll of tp
  7. JenHZ

    Bug out bag

    good point. it would be low on fats. will have to look at expiration dates on pouches and figure out how to pack with out punctures.
  8. I ink there is a thread for this somewhere but I cannot find it. this is about emergency food for natural disasters. I have found plenty of w30 canned stuff to store at home. but what should I have in my back pack for evacuation on short notice. I have always stocked it with Cliff bars and hard candy. I can go to Lara bars and Epic bars. But are there any other suggestions for dense, portable W30 foods I am overlooking? BTW my bag includes instant coffee. I am not facing an emergency on no caffeine.
  9. JenHZ

    Food Intolerances

    have you posted in. "trouble shooting"?
  10. JenHZ

    February 6th begins the new "us"

    I am done with my 30 days ( stared the 5th). 1 day of reintro tomorrow. Friday I leave on a trip. will post when I can in the post w30 logs. Mine is Dancing my own Dance. successfully navigating eating out and learning to make all my meals real meals are my big successes.
  11. JenHZ

    February 6th begins the new "us"

    hope the trip goes great @Mhook10 I would still take any favorite stomach remedies with you
  12. JenHZ

    February 6th begins the new "us"

    reintro thoughts?
  13. JenHZ

    February 6th begins the new "us"

    Made it though a comic convention, still W30 is may achievement. good thing is many pack lunch as food is not great. did eat out at dinner tonight at a wonderful restaurant. kept w30 since I asked to go to this expensive place so I could also so close to end. tomorrow is my day 30 as I started the 5th. and they had food I could eat! had to hunt around for a safe side but got one.
  14. JenHZ

    February 6th begins the new "us"

    I am not seeing a lot of energy change but and getting over a bad cold. I did have one positive sign . the other night at 8:45 when I would normally be burned out I was able to do simple tasks.
  15. JenHZ

    February 6th begins the new "us"

    in the last week, keep on keeping on made it through a condolence call, no time for real dinner on the way over and comfort foods available my big accomplishment this w30 has been shifting to a real mini meal instead of a snack ( lunch is at 11 and dinner is at 8, there has to be food inbetween)