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    bratdoll reacted to megmac in Whole30 and Five Guys   
    I can't stand the carnitas. So for me, Chipotle is out until they come around on the chicken or steak. Interestingly, Chipotle was one of my first reintroductions last round. I didn't eat cheese or sour cream, so I was still Whole30 compliant except for the marinade/oil. I was sick as a dog. And I pride myself on having an absolutely iron stomach! As so many others report, I guess I became way more sensitive to bad stuff after eating so clean.
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    bratdoll reacted to whitjm5 in Whole30 and Five Guys   
    Remember, fat isn't bad (especially if it's from grass-fed beef). 80/20, 90/10. Who cares as long as the source is good?
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    bratdoll reacted to megmac in Whole30 and Five Guys   
    Excellent! Now could you please start harassing Chipotle? They need to clean up their act. They could so easily be Whole30 compliant.
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    bratdoll reacted to Alliea in Whole30 and Five Guys   
    When I was in the middle of my Whole30 (a month and half ago!) I wrote to Five Guys about their ingredients. Even though they have their nutritional info online, I grilled them (no pun) about any hidden ingredients that might now have been mentioned. I just now heard back from them. Here's what they said:
    Since 1986 Five Guys has focused on serving the freshest product in the simplest way possible. We do not add
    anything to our products. Our burgers are NOT seasoned, they are simply 80/20 ground beef, our mushrooms
    are sauteed on a flat top grill as they are with NO oil or butter. Our produce is cut fresh daily and does not have
    anything added to it as well. In fact, our nutritional information is located on website if you
    would like you can also find the Five Guys story located under the About us tab.
    So, in the case of Five Guys, if you are willing to have a hamburger patty on a lettuce "bun" with just vegetables of various sorts as condiments, sounds like they would be legal in the Whole30 world. Since finishing the Whole30, I've been glad that I did this sort of research. I'm not eating out nearly as much, but when I do, I often just go paleo for that meal and that helps me feel like I'm not eating a bunch of garbage just because I'm eating out.
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    bratdoll reacted to Johnny M in Chipotle?   
    everytime this thread pops up as updated in my feed I get really hungry.
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    bratdoll reacted to Xandra in Calories - do I really not count them???   
    You don't count calories, grams of fat or carbs, or anything else they print on the nutritional labels. You read the list of ingredients to rule it in or rule it out, and that is all. My 8-year old can do this, because if he hits an ingredient he can't pronounce, it's generally ruled out.
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    bratdoll reacted to Fenderbender in Calories - do I really not count them???   
    In my case.... I decided to limit compliant foods that cause a trigger in my brain...... Nut butters for instance remind me way to much of sitting on the couch and eating a whole jar of peanut butter.... So I just use them as a condiment to flavor foods and get my fats....
    Only one portion of fruit per day and usually sliced up in a larger multi ingredient salad ( chicken with avacado and apple on greens)
    For me, I am eating what seems to be a huge amount ( my brain is still conditioned to equate fat as BAD ) but I am full and satiated, never hungry and I am getting shredded!!! ( before W30 I was eating NO sugar, starch, only lean proteins and veg for months, but my body was shutting down and probably burning muscle and I was going nowhere fast). Now with the W30 protocol my body is getting exactly what it needs and I feel like I'm running on rocket fuel .
    I find the best part of W30 is it gives you the tools and, as other have posted, to ability to self regulate and eat exactly what you need..... I need to eat a lot more than I was willing to at first
    Best of luck....
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    bratdoll reacted to kb0426 in Calories - do I really not count them???   
    I counted calories via a website religiously for 4 yrs and had declared that I always would.
    After the whole30, I am DONE with calorie counting and love listening to my body. I have a beautiful relationship with food now!
    I lost 9 pounds while doing the program, where I had gained 10 in the last two years by my religious calorie counting and measuring. When you count calories, it is so easy to underestimate your intake and overestimate your output. Here, there is no counting; just eating and enjoying with more energy than ever before!
    Give it just 30 days. If your life is not changed, go back to counting. Would love to hear your results!