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    Renee Lee got a reaction from JackieCristian in How much meat is okay?   
    yep, meat is good. we like meat. if you check the meal planning template, you're going to want a 1-2 palm serving of protein at every meal. Our biggest concern is just vary the source of your don't ALWAYS eat beef, etc. Mix it up.
    Any veggies are good veggies! I like brussels sprouts and cabbage are my favorites, but it's up to you!
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from TEwhole30 in Ideas for more fats?!   
    Animal fat! Strain off the juices from a roast chicken/turkey and keep the fat for cooking.
    Render some lard or tallow.
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Queenbeejo in Approved Sweeteners   
    You can do whatever you want while not on a W30, but under zero circumstances do I believe that soda of any variety makes you anything but LESS healthy. Your call though!
    Personally, I can't stand the taste of it anymore. Sickeningly sweet
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from NancyKR in Just not hungry   
    Lisa, you aren't really following the meal template, which is why you aren't eating enough.
    I understand you not being hungry, but it's probable that your satiety signals are all sorts of messed up; continuing to restrict calories in this manner's just going to make it worse.
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Deezilla in Palm Oil   
    Yes, that's from the fruit of the plant, not the seed, so you're fine.
    Note that if sustainability matters to you at all, be careful of all palm oils. They aren't always harvested responsibly.
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Andria G in Not feeling well in the am   
    Hi Andria,
    It's not super normal, no. It might be something unrelated to Whole30. We're still in the tail end of flu season, so maybe you're trying to fight something off? Other thoughts could be a physical manifestation of your brain being burned out on the whole process. This happens to me every now and then. I'm just so OVER planning and cooking and thinking about my food and what considerations I have to make for the rest of the day...I'm just mentally exhausted. could be something like that?
    Too many variables here to really put a finger on any one thing, but have some tea, maybe some compliant digestive support? Or just hang in there for 4 more days and start tinkering with reintro?
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Beth Kells in Palm Oil   
    palm oil's good. palm KERNAL oil is not.
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from MrsSnellings in Typical Day's worth of food?   
    3 eggs
    3 Whole30 compliant breakfast sausage patties
    .5 sweet potato/1 banana/.5c pineapple, etc
    BIG baby spinach salad with .5 avo, onions, peppers, carrots, strawberries, radishes, 1 HB egg, cubed chicken breast,
    EVOO and red wine vinegar for dressing
    1 big ribeye steak
    1 sweet potato
    sauteed asparagus ~.5 bunch
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Beth Kells in Palm Oil   
    palm oil's good. palm KERNAL oil is not.
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from ArlynneZDesiderio in Why are my lips chapped!?!   
    It could also be because it's winter, guys
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Selcazare in losing weight FAST and in ketosis... worried   
    Hey everybody, can we simmer a little? The OP is concerned about the _safety_ of being in ketosis, which nobody's really addressed here. OP, I'm sorry nobody's come in to mitigate your concerns. I just saw this post!
    Being in ketosis is not a problem, it's just not something that we're shooting for long term. Our bodies SHOULD be able to switch in and out of ketosis whenever we need to. It's a function of being metabolically flexible. Folks on the Standard American Diet are SO hopped up on carbs, that there's no reason for the body to step away from glycolysis (breaking down sugars for energy). This is one of the reasons why SAD-ers get mood swings and ravenous every couple of hours, because they run out of sugar to burn quickly and easily. They have lost the ability to tap into their fat stores for energy. This metabolic flexibility is also why paleo folks (and IFers) can go for hours without eating, because they have capacity to tap into other fuel sources. THIS IS GOOD.
    Side note, there are a bunch of cells in your body that preferentially run on ketones, btw! Your heart is one of them!
    Anyway, as for the excreting ketone things, right now you're body's just tapping into the fat stores and breaking it down into ketones, which is good. Eventually you won't be excreting them because your body will remember how to _use_ them. Most people on Atkins, or those that use the ketostix, get panicked because they stop turning purple or whatever, because your body is USING THEM, so then they drop their carbs even further, to keep that pretty purple reaffirmation of doing things "right"
    Just keep eating and following the meal template. You're fine! Carrots are great, cabbage is great, have some bananas, etc. Don't stress about it too much
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Selcazare in 3rd whole 30 and STILL not losing weight - what am I doing wrong?   
    Well there you go. Answer found.
    You're already at a really healthy weight for your height, (it actually may be a smidge low, depending on genetics), but you're just carrying it in the wrong place/body comp. It's unrealistic to expect/want that number to drop very much. I'd really be more concerned with lifting heavy and changing your body comp.
    Fat that's localized in the midsection is indicative of adrenal fatigue/overtraining. The fact that your lifts have NOT gone up is another check mark in that column.
    Crossfitting as many times as you are in a week is a LOT of stress on its own; not giving your body an adequate amt of glucose/starch to help you recover from that is an added stressor. Then add in the stress of worrying about your weight, and your average "life/work" stress. It's a LOT. We can only handle so much before our body starts fighting back. The fact that you get 8-9 hours of sleep/night is AWESOME, but it's not enough.
    Personally, I would add the sweet potato back in, just EAT more, and drop CF and activity to 2-3x/week. If you're worried about the sugar dragon, then just drop the activity level even further back.
    I know it's scary and goes against everything we've ever been taught (i.e. this chick is telling me that to lose fat, i have to eat MORE and workout LESS?), but after 2 whole30s, your status quo isn't producing the results you want, right? If it doesn't work, you know how to get back to where you were.
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Deezilla in Palm Oil   
    Yes, that's from the fruit of the plant, not the seed, so you're fine.
    Note that if sustainability matters to you at all, be careful of all palm oils. They aren't always harvested responsibly.
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Alve in Vegetarian Whole30   
    Allie, i don't want to disrespect your label, but if you eat fish and're really more of a very selective omnivore. This actually makes things a whole lot easier for you from a protein requirement perspective. Here are the answers to your questions:
    a) If you can find almond milk in the store with no forbidden ingredients, you can have it. As far as i know, none exist. The alternative is to make it yourself, but it's incredibly time consuming. I've always just opted out of milk replacements (not including coconut milk) during my w30s, because it wasn't worth the trouble. I don't miss them.
    If you have to snack, snack...but we really encourage you to try to get away from it. Try to eat enough at the standard 3 meals that you don't require it. If it's a choice between snacking on something compliant or running to the donut shop because you're starving...have some carrots and salmon.
    c) The "Whole30 for vegetarians" recommendations are very upfront about not being optimal. They're more as optimal as you can get, given your restrictions. That's why there's a contradiction on the Whole30 mantra vs. what's on the veg*n shopping list; M&D have made concessions for the veg*n population so they can still participate and see some benefit from the program. It is just not ideal.
    How much fish and eggs are you eating in a normal day? because you eat those, I would say you should ignore the veggie shopping list and just stick to those.
    Oh, the mercury concern is only really a concern in fish where there is an imbalance between mercury levels and selenium levels. Selenium binds to mercury and makes it not absorbable/inert. There are very few fish that have higher mercury levels than selenium levels: mako shark, swordfish are two common ones. Tuna, salmon, mackerel and most of the other common guys have 2x the amt of selenium than mercury, so you're good to go with those
    4) Depends on how much you're eating and how frequently. The body's essential requirement of protein is actually pretty low (note: essential, not ideal), so if you're having eggs daily and fish 3 days a week, you're almost definitely okay...unless you tell me that you have elite athletic goals
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Bethany483 in Breakfast an hour after getting up?   
    To be honest, they're related.
    It's not a requirement that you eat within an hour of waking up, and if you can't, you can't...but just keep it in the back of your head as something to think about and something to maybe address later if you're still struggling with energy levels, etc.
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from MeadowLily in Weight loss not happening   
    Ignore. The. Scale.
    It is MUCH easier to say that than to actually be able to do it, but is deceiving, it is arbitrary, and it is a terrible marker of progress.
    A good friend of mine is a fantastic example of this.
    Here she is at 143 in November 2009:
    And 143 again in November 2010:
    And just for fun, 159 in May 2011:
    You feel better and your body is changing for the better. I don't know what else to tell you besides ignore the scale!
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from MeadowLily in Weight loss not happening   
    There are actually a whole bunch more pictures in that series that i didn't post, because they weren't really relevant to the point i was trying to make. She started, untrained and overweight, at 170ish. she wound up consciously dropping down to 135 via CrossFit. (the first pic at 143 is her on her way down). Then she switched to weightlifting and consciously worked to GAIN weight to get better at her sport. She's currently in the high 160s, i believe, and stronger than ever.
    You should not make any changes to the whole30. This program IS about getting healthy and kicking unhealthy relationships with food, just as written. Keep going!
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Winhow in Don't over think this.   
    I stickied your post, Robin. I think it's a good one
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from sstrayer in Question about lentils   
    Additionally, you really should keep in mind that there are VERY few foods not including in the Whole30 that you could ever make an argument are a good choice from purely a nutritional profile. The only one that immediately comes to mind is grassfed dairy.
    One of Whole30/Paleo's biggest selling points is that it is full of the MOST nutrient dense-foods you can put into your body. Assuming you believe that, saying, "_____ is a good source of _____" is really a bad way to look at things when thinking about off-roading and/or adding old foods back in, because you will be hard-pressed to prove that you couldn't get a BETTER source of that nutrient within the approved food lists.
    Personally, I've always treated the "adding things back in" phase as an experiment in, "what can I get away with?" acknowledging that sticking with whole30 foods is healthier, but that the trade-off of health vs. food enjoyment for certain things just isn't worth it for me. So I would really look at the foods you're thinking about a consider WHY you want to add them back in. I never added beans or lentils back in, because I really don't love them. I can live without ever having another kidney bean or chickpea, and I trust that I'm getting all the protein/fiber/etc from other sources. I DO love hummus, but a) it's way less fun without pita bread, and guacamole is better.
    I added things back in the following way:
    Dairy. I <3 cheese, and see above for the healthy reasons I mentioned above. (I can't do dairy for long bouts, or else my allergies act up, but that's just my experience.)
    Honey/Maple Syrup
    Booze (I was never a big drinker, so I didn't miss it)

    Anyway, that's just me. Everybody's cost-benefit is different!
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Barfygarfy in Whole 30 Gout!   
    Uberwiess, what day are you on? Gout's a metabolic issue, and its root cause is almost always too much fructose, rather than too much protein.  Here are some good articles about gout and Paleo:

    It's definitely something that should resolve the longer you're eating a diet like Paleo that cuts out all the extra triggers and can fix the metabolic derangement. but that doesn't really help you if protein's triggering your attacks NOW.
    You can definitely do the Whole30 with lower protein intake, but you're going to have to tweak the template to make sure you're eating enough. A consultation with somebody on the Whole9 team might be worth looking into? Otherwise staying away from the VERY SUPER EXTREMELY HIGH purine-level proteins and sticking to the basics, with a heavy egg bias, should be a good starting point.  I don't think you'll have to keep that up though.
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Raven in Fermented Cod Liver Oil   
    There really isn't much more to learn about the differences:
    Fish oil: good source of n3s
    CL Oil: good source of n3s, also source of Vit A and D
    The fermented CL oil vs regular CL oil difference is in the processing method. regular cod liver oil is extracted by heat, whereas the fermentation process makes some of the nutrients more bioavailable, etc.
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Renata Sue King-Dewar in Manage your mobile forum(s) via Tapatalk   
    I had this same problem. Try reinstalling the app. Worked for me!
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Renata Sue King-Dewar in Manage your mobile forum(s) via Tapatalk   
    Slw, what phone are you on?
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Renata Sue King-Dewar in Manage your mobile forum(s) via Tapatalk   
    Linda, I think you may need to go hunting around on tapatalk's website. Not all of the forums that tapatalk supports allow for facebook logins, so that might be the issue: that the app isn't linked into facebook, so it's not recognizing your login information...if that makes sense?
    I don't know if that's actually what's going on, but it seems probable.
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    Renee Lee got a reaction from Renata Sue King-Dewar in Don't over think this.   
    WRONG E! BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Irish boyfriend just translated that for me