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    Also, jj, if you think you might have Lyme or Epstein-Barr, best to get them checked. Even ruling them out would be a great relief, I would think.
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    jjwhole30 reacted to ScoutFinch in Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue   
    The problem with recommending the autoimmune protocol is that fibro is not understood to be an autoimmune disease. I would suggest everyone be *very* careful implementing or suggesting eating restrictions that have more potential to result in disordered eating. "Keep doing what you're doing" might not be the best advice.
    The sad truth is that fibromyalgia is a very, very difficult condition to live with. Sometimes food choices help, and sometimes they don't. I have had the best luck with strength training, because it allows for the greatest amount of movement from day-to-day. But the groggy, foggy, painful exhaustion can hit me no matter what I'm doing otherwise.
    It's very hard to be strong and to keep on. I hate it when they say fibro patients "are known to be perfectionists" (does that mean, um, unlike yourself, Doc?) but it's really true that Job 1 has to be compassion for ourselves and what we can do today. If that means three hot baths and four hours on the couch with One Life to Live, then that's today. Remember that you are whole, no matter how unwell you are.
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    I would continue it for a total of 90 days & if you're not feeling better look into doing the Autoimmune Protocol. This is just my suggestion though. Good Luck!