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  1. Nevermind - found this great thread which is describing exactly what I'm experiencing. Thanks! In case anyone else is having this issue, these points really stuck with me. I'm saving this to remember these words of wisdom, which ring drue for me! re: off-roading on the weekends: "It worked great for the most part, but eventually it became a habit to off-road, rather than a need/choice, and the off road food choices became poorer & poorer, and the next day was always like a very miserable ground-hog day, starting over...My plan going forward is to off-road only for occasions I feel truly warrant it - I think making a conscious decision to off-road *every* weekend will eventually lead to your undoing." - JMCBN "The biggest challenge for me, and I see for others, is the sugar dragon. I think maybe on weekends I could have an approach that foods such as dairy and gluten free grains can be consumed if I really want (which often times I don't anyway), but stay away at all costs from sugar, which is my real issue. " - Baltomom86 "I've tried to do the week vs weekend thing but it's like starting a w30 every Monday and it's pretty depressing. ... I'm finding general compliance with an occasional treat is working better for me." I'm going to trust in myself to eat whole30 most of the time and go off road only when it's really worth it (but no sugar, no gluten, no soy, and no legumes, all of which make me feel awful). I will have cream in my coffee but will try to avoid the rest of the dairy. I need to stop battling the sugar demon - it was so peaceful when she was asleep.
  2. TriGirlD

    Week Days On / Weekends Off

    This is what I've been doing and it's just not working for me. The sugar cravings are back during the week and it becomes really hard to stick to it mon-fri. I'm really struggling with it.
  3. I've done 3 whole30's and had great results. After that, I've had a very difficult time with it. I know that this is not meant to be a Whole365, but what is the balance? I had no problems with dairy in the reintro, so I've started bringing diary back in.. is that ok? I started letting myself have a little dark chocolate once a week, and that turned into sugar and alcohol once a week, and it's a slippery slope. Now I'm not losing any weight. How do you make this a daily part of your life, but still keep the sugar cravings at bay? It seems like I need it to be all or nothing, but that feels really unrealistic, and then it becomes more "nothing" than "all." Im sure this has been addressed on the board somewhere, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Any advice about how you develop your "balance" is appreciated!
  4. Not sure why this is posting funny but here's my question: Reintro of legumes went poorly. Immediately I felt gassy and bloated. But yesterday, I added dairy back in and still felt great all day. No stomach issues, full energy, no cravings, no bloating. Is there a symptom I may have missed? Could it affect me in a way I can't feel? What now? If I add dairy back in on a regular basis, will that negatively affect my weight loss or anything else? I knew what to do when things made me feel gross but not sure what to do now that it didn't. All feedback helpful! Thanks!
  5. TriGirlD

    Ready to stop at day 19

    Vegbelly, I'd also add that the first 2 weeks, your body is still switching from sugar to fat as it's fuel source, and the weight loss really doesn't start happening until the last 2 weeks. I can tell you from experience that the last week, it came off for me, and then if you keep going, it just keeps coming off. This program is a process of retraining your body completely. Hang in there!
  6. TriGirlD

    Day 18 and feeling nada

    Ach - I did exactly what JMCBN suggested the first time. My first whole30 was poorly timed and ended the day before I left for a 4 day tequila tasting trip in Mexico! So I finished my whole30, let myself experience the trip without worrying too much, and then came back and got back on the Whole30. My plan was to just eat until I felt good again, like 2 weeks, but I ended up deciding half way through to continue on to do a full 30 days. And then at the end of 30 days, I was feeling such better results than the previous time, that I went another 10 days before I even started thinking about reintroduction! Now I'm starting the reintro process and will wrap up just before Christmas. That being said, this is my new norm for eating, and will continue so through the Christmas break. Good luck!
  7. TriGirlD

    Slave to the Scale... and so-so results.

    Loulabelle, I'm sure you're right. However, all the studies show that women who are within a certain BMI have drastically higher success rates. The moment you get to 30 BMI, the rates plummet (according to my specialist). Now, I think this is a chicken-or-the-egg problem. Women who have higher BMI's are much more likely to be that way because they have PCOS - which makes it very difficult to lose weight on the conventional american diet. And it also inhibits ovulation. Now sometimes, symptoms get better for PCOS women when they lose weight, but what is the root cause? And why do success rates drop at 30 BMI - is it because those women have ovulation issues or because they are heavier? Either way, I want to give myself the best possible chance. I am sticking with this because I truly believe it is the right path - the healthiest path, and that even if the weight doesn't just drop from my body, it's probably still giving me huge improvements! And hopefully over time, it will change the number on the scale, even if that happens slowly. And, I just read your story Loulabelle - totally completely inspiring.
  8. So, I finished the first round of Whole30 and had some amazing non-scale victories! But, my weight loss was not that exciting. Maybe 4 lbs if I'm being generous. Unfortunately, I lost my starting measurements (the app deleted them) so I can't tell how many inches went down. I took 4 days off for a vacation I had planned, and then jumped back in. I'm on Day 14 of my second Whole 30. I keep seeing these success stories of folks who look like different people after their 30 days! 10, 20 lbs down! And it makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong. I have followed this program obsessively to the letter, checked in with moderators to tweak my meals and PWO snacks, and still, the change in my body is less than drastic. I think I'm so focused on this because my doctor wants me to get to less than 30 BMI before we do IVF this spring. So it doesn't matter how many inches come off my body - my actual weight has to go down. I'm about 6lbs shy of that number and was hoping I would hit it with this program. Unfortunately, I can't tell if this has helped my PCOS yet (one of my main motivations for doing this) because I have to be on regulated hormones until the end of November. I'm hoping when I come off those to see improvements in my cycle. Here are my non-scale victories: - Just bought pants a size smaller. My old pants aren't hanging off me, but I seem to be able to button up smaller things. - I no longer need coffee!! I don't feel "Tigers Blood" or super high energy, but I also haven't yawned in over a month or felt like i needed caffeine, which is a huge improvement! - The biggest most important change is the death of the Sugar Dragon! Last week I sat in a meeting with home baked pies and even served up slices to people, and didn't obsess about having any. It almost seemed easy to just say no! Before, I would have thought about those pies all night and into the next morning. - I feel like my body may be trying to sleep better, though my dogs and husband seem to always wake me up between 4 and 6am. I can't figure out how to stop this. I definitely fall asleep faster. -All day long I am full and satiated. I no longer have to think about packing snacks or a rumbling stomach every 2 hours. I can go 4-5 hours without being hungry. -Now, when I get hungry, it isn't the faint, dizzy, weak, urgent hunger from blood sugar dropping that I used to routinely get. It's a dull, non urgent feeling. Wow, very cool! So... I guess I am questioning this all today because last night my husband and I went out on a date, and he is really sick of having to change everything we do because of how I'm eating. Everyone else ordered drinks and the mac and cheese appetizer. He drank by himself and we ordered the veggies. No sauce on our meat, no dessert, no sharing of beers. I almost caved. I almost said, "what is the point, I'm not losing weight anyway!" But I didn't... and I'm determined to get through Thanskgiving week next week still on-plan. Because I owe it to myself to have a second Whole30 experience completely and see what can happen. There are a lot of great things happening here. I have to try to not focus on the scale so much. Any encouragement you all have would be so appreciated!
  9. TriGirlD

    Coffee with... Or just black?

    Yes! I second this!! Finally, coffee without the bitterness that I can drink without anything in it.
  10. TriGirlD

    Headache on Day 15 and 16

    By the way, I hate that it says I'm an "Advanced Member" just because I post my meals daily. Truly, I'm such a newbie at this, still. Thanks for your advice!
  11. TriGirlD

    Headache on Day 15 and 16

    Yes, maybe too much? I am pretty liberal with it. Today's meals: PreWO: compliant buffalo jerky and walnuts M1: 2 strips of coconut crusted chicken (probably 4-5 oz) with some almond butter and raisins. Side of cauliflower mash (with salt, and garlic), 1/2 potato (baked with olive oil and salt), 1/2 kiwi M2: More cauli-mash, other half of potato, 1 very large sausage link (compliant) Tonight's dinner is almost ready and it will be Ribs covered in a dry rub (including salt) and mixed cooked vegetables, plus avocado. I just realized I probably went too lite on the fat in meal 2, but otherwise, feel pretty good about this. Thanks for taking a look!
  12. TriGirlD

    Headache on Day 15 and 16

    honestly though.. the headaches... I felt great on Day 18, headache and tiredness again on 19, felt great on day 20, and now on day 21, tired with a headache. I never had headaches before Whole30, and my first 2 weeks, I felt so good. The only thing I can imagine is that the sickness that everyone in the office has come down with is trying to work its way into me. And my body is fighting it, but not completely. I'm drinking enough water, never hungry (have the food balance down, I think), and exercising daily. Any other thoughts on what this could be?
  13. TriGirlD

    prework out ideas - hate hardboiled eggs

    As for pre and post workout protein, I've found that getting a couple of bags of compliant jerky from whole foods works for me, and is easy to grab on the run.
  14. TriGirlD

    always hungry

    The first few days are hard. You are figuring out your meals and your body is screaming for sugar for fuel. My first few days, I was definitely not eating enough. The portions on this program are much bigger than we have been trained to eat. For example, the number of eggs they recommend is the number you can fit in your whole hand, typically 3-5. Also, I was resistant to eating fat. And once i got comfortable adding a healthy portion of fat in each meal, my energy increased and I was much more full. As the moderator said though, don't starve yourself! The "don't snack" guideline is just a guideline, not a rule. And becomes more important later in the program when you get your meals figured out. Right now, pack a fourth mini meal! Eat when you are truly hungry. And hang in there, it's so worth it!!
  15. TriGirlD

    After work...

    I think this is so phsycological. It's the same thing with the way that none of my meals sound that appetizing on a Friday or Saturday night. We are so conditioned to think of food as a treat/reward for getting through a tough day or week. It's a phsycological habit that we can break with time!