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  1. I wonder if something like a homemade gummy would help? (Ignore any references to honey, sugar, sweeteners in the recipes.) They're not the same as a hard cough drop, but it could give you something to suck on. At it's easiest, it's fruit juice and gelatin. Good luck!
  2. Can you list out a few meals worth of foods? Although some energy loss at the early stages seems normal, it sounds like yours is more extreme. I'm wondering if you may not be eating enough. It's really easy to accidentally go low carb. It's also easy to not eat enough fat to cover the accidental calorie gap. Are you eating any sweet potatoes / potatoes / butternut squash kind of starch? If not, I'd add those to 1-3 meals per day. (Also, depending on female/male and where one is in the cycle, more starchy carbs can help.) I agree with prepping meals, I don't get food boredom, so
  3. Oh good, I was just coming back to suggest starchy carbs might also be good, but I'm glad you're figuring it out!
  4. My first guess would be that your'e not getting enough water and/or electrolytes. How much water are you drinking? Are you salting your food? I get really bad headaches when I'm dehydrated.
  5. Oh, some people also take digestive enzymes with some success, but since I don't have a specific brand recommendation or what exactly to look for, I was hesitant to suggest it at first.....but if you try multiple things and in a week or two are still having issues, that might be something else to look into. Oh yeah, and final recommendation: try to have fun with the process! I know it can be a lot, but you're doing great!
  6. Everyone's different, but from my personal experience, and i would try out things in this order: I would try cutting back on the nuts/nut milk first. (Like, maybe 1 serving every third day or so.) Are most of your veggies cooked or raw? (Cooked can help with bloating, definitely cook cruciferous veggies, peeling veggies like zucchini) It's also possible that some foods in small-to-moderate amounts don't bother you, but you eventually reach a limit - I'm thinking of the eggs here specifically. Maybe try to rotate some proteins if there is anything else you like. If it's s
  7. Can you list out a few days of what you have been eating - specific meats/ veggies / fats and approximate portions as they relate to the meal template? But- Are you drinking enough water? Are you salting your food? Are you eating way more of something than you were before? Culprits of bloating can include: nuts, cruciferous vegetables, coconut products.
  8. Yes. I'm assuming the ingredient you had the question about was the natural flavor? For the purpose of the program, natural flavors are allowed.
  9. Yes, if it's part of the aminos Coconut Aminos Coconut aminos (a soy sauce substitute made from coconut) came on the Whole30 scene around 2013. The first company to release the product was Coconut Secret, and the ingredients read, “Organic coconut ‘sap’ aged and blended with sun-dried, mineral-rich sea salt.” Based on this ingredient list*, it appeared totally Whole30 compliant. We began using aminos in our recipes and cookbooks, creating Asian-inspired dishes with exciting flavors. Today, we have a variety of aminos; Big T
  10. @heb2014 I'm very impressed with your meal planning. Do you happen to have a link to the Pozole recipe that you use/adapt? Thanks!
  11. Jim- You are correct, there are a bunch of plants not listed. There are approximately 12,000 species of grasses. And that doesn't even cover the similar-structured pseudo grains. Instead of listing 12,000 plants, how about we go off the short list that covers ~99.8% of the grains/pseudo-grains commercially and commonly available for the demographic markets that are likely to be doing a Whole30? If you happen to come across the edible seed of a plant that you suspect might be a grass, figure that one thing out instead of 12,000 things. It's completely ridiculous to think there is goin
  12. Is there something you think is a grain that is not on this list in the Whole30 Program Rules? You were already linked to the in another thread, and you may have missed this part: And yes, since canola oil is technically compliant in an eating-out situation, then it follows yes, you could have canola oil all the time if all you do is eat out. You could also eat nothing but compliant bacon for 30 straight days and technically have done a Whole30. You could eat nothing but almonds for 30 straight days and te
  13. What recipes do you like/are comfortable making? Totally possible to do Whole30 without any "special" products, so don't feel like you need to buy a special, say, approved salad dressing if you don't want it/won't use it. (Nothing wrong with buying special products, nothing wrong with not buying them either.) Staples: Meat / Eggs / Fish that you like and will prepare/eat (Me: eggs, chicken, and ground meats.) Vegetables that you like and will prepare/eat (Me: asparagus, broccoli, bags of greens, jars of artichoke hearts, bags of frozen vegetables) Cooking / Eating Fats
  14. I've never done a juice cleanse, but you could do things like make sure your veggies are cooked / eat soups and stews. But, 3-4 days is not all that long of a time, so I don't think most people's digestive tract would have changed all that much. But drink lots of water, possible with a pinch of salt.
  15. I like to have go-to meals that I call pantry meals - meals that take minutes and are made up of stuff I'm likely to have in my freezer/pantry. It's important to remember that not every meal has to be a big production. In fact, none of them do. You don't have to follow recipes, or buy any specialty items if you don't want to. Your meals can be the most boring, least picture-worthy-on-instagram as you want. Examples of pantry meals: Super easy coconut soup: Bag of Frozen vegetables, can of coconut milk, can of salmon or chicken. Heat. Add salt and pepper. Add curry spice if yo
  16. I think Settyfitness was asking about how many days per week you're working out and how much time you want to put into the gym....if you're doing 4-6 days, no problem with doing split body routines. If you're talking more like 2-3 times per week, your time might be better spent with a full body routine.
  17. "Side effects" timeline (not exact, not everybody goes through every stage): We need more specifics about what and how much you're eating. Like, how many eggs? How big is the piece of protein? But: First guess is you're not eating enough. Have you seen the template: Your breakfast doesn't have any veggies, if you're salad is mostly greens it needs to be huge. Also, I hate to break it to you, but the banana pancakes are out for the program. Be wary of any non-whole 30 si
  18. I feel like the almond industry has done a stellar job somehow advertising themselves as "high" in protein. Yeah, they've got some protein, but they are much higher in fat and are considered a fat source on the whole30. The unflavored paleo protein from Amy Myers has no sweeteners or other ingredients: I'd say it needs to be blended. (You can't just stir it into something, in my limited experience.) Maybe a blend of pureed sweet potato (you can find cans of this in some stores), coconut milk, and pro
  19. Well, if you're post Whole-30, you can do whatever you want smoothie-wise. The bigger thing that stands out to be is that you have no protein in there. There seems to be two different recommendations on the website. From the meal planner pdf: They recommend Protein and Fat prior to a workout. (I'd say this is especially for like weight lifting type workouts.) There is also this article, which seems to be more geared towards long effort/high intensity type stuff (if the workout is more than 60 minutes at a continuous mode
  20. If you haven't been having migraines and then suddenly are and think it's food related, the real test would be to compare what you just ate to what you've been eating before. Is there anything that you ate recently that you haven't been eating? Or ate a lot more of? But to answer your questions: Yes, it could be a stress headache and from not sleeping well. Yes, it could be there is a compliant food that doesn't do well with you personally. For instance, the amount of nuts and almond milk you listed would destroy me. If you're really dragging all the time, it could be fo
  21. Also, make sure you're salting your food and drinking a lot of water.
  22. Try not to think of them as snacks, think of them as mini-meals so you get protein, veggies, and fat like Sugarcube mentioned above. Leftovers are great mini-meals!
  23. Agree with everything above, also anytime someone says "I'm eating enough of x food group", like 90% time they're not, especially on plated fat. Really take a look at the meal template and make sure you're matching. Also, on leafy green vegetables, if you're measuring cups, it's the compressed greens, not a loose handful, so you really need a lot of them. If you're eating fruit, try to only eat it with a meal, but at the end if you're still hungry.
  24. Food-wise, are you eating enough fat? You're not listing any in the meals. After the evening walk, something with protein and starchy carbs might be more appropriate for a post-workout. I'm hesitant to add specific weight training advice, since there is such a wide range of programs, and everything depends on: goals, ability, equipment, time, knowledge, etc. I'd maybe suggest doing some searching for weight training for runners, cross training for runners, or that type of thing. Or some calisthenics or yoga - some bodyweight strength moves can help. Do you have any resistance ban
  25. Ignoring the weight loss aspect, you could post a few days of what you eat/drink and see if anything stands out to anybody. From an exercise perspective, sounds like you do mostly cardio? Might want to add some heavier weight training in there. Also, just out of curiosity, you've been doing a strict whole30 for 8 months?