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  1. Susan and Crimsann - sounds like you both are off to a good start. We will be here supporting you all the way. Crimsann - breakfast outside is soooo worth it. The last few weeks I have not been going to the Y as usual in the AMs before work but I have been enjoying my coffee and breakfast outside. After this week will have to find a balance between time at the Y and enjoying time outside before work I guess though Everyone finish the week out strong!
  2. Merg - hope you are feeling better. I will be right there with you complaining about the heat this week after complaining about the rain/cool weather we have already had! What would we talk about and complain about if we lived in a consistent climate - no fun at all! Crimsann - your meal plan looks great. One of the things I packed up today was my cookbooks - not that I use them that much but just not having access to them is going to make me want them. I downloaded a couple of digital cookbooks a while back so I am going to try to force myself to look at them and try some new recip
  3. Merg - great for you eating fish. I know it would be good for me but I just don't like it. Sometimes you just have to have a sandwich I bought some round (instead of long) sweet potatoes this week and I am going to try roasting some slices and make an "unwich" to see how that goes - will let you know. Cynthia - thanks for the recipe - looks great! I would think lard would be cheaper and tasty! Crimsann - of course it's a "he"! So sorry about the extra stress of the credit card fraud. Perhaps I can help. I recently received an email from His Excellency President Muhammadu Buh
  4. Nancy I am so sorry. Sounds like you have a plan for yourself so that is awesome. Crimsann way to go on the meal planning. Just goes to show that healthy eating gets easier as you go. And I think Nancy nailed it for your co-workers Will be attending a life celebration for BIL tomorrow with lots of non-compliant and not even close food. My plan is to eat before I go and then hope for the best. Even though I am not W30 right now I am trying to be close. Recently found out that at our local Mexican restaurant where I thought I was being compliant by having fajita strips wi
  5. Thanks to everyone for your support. Cynthia - I probably am not drinking enough water so thanks for reminding me of that. Would you mind sharing your recipe for the sweet potato hummus? Miss Lindy I hope you are feeling better and I can't imagine going in water that cold - you rock! Nancy - I hope your knee pain resolves soon. With some concentrated strengthening for your hips and knees along with decreasing impact with cardio I think you will be on the right track. I'm still laughing about you and your doctor - I have kind of the same relationship with mine who, despite my pr
  6. Just checking in with everyone. I really agree with Crimsann's view that 30 days just isn't quite long enough. Since I ended W30 at end of April I have reintro'd corn with no problem; beans with problems. I have allowed in some sugar - but so far not to excess. Had cheese 2 days ago and not sure if really a problem or not. I seem to be releasing a bit of weight slowly which is great. However, I continue to have intermitten episodes of significant fluid retention. Possibly related to sugar intake??? Have had dark chocolate a couple of times - with soy lecithin in it unfortunately. Both
  7. Crimsann that was hilarious - it is so nice that you get to spend such great time with your niece. I am looking forward to Melissa's new book too. I am keeping my diet pretty compliant except for intro of corn which went ok and beans which I think did not go ok. However, since the weather here has been gray and rainy I will reintro beans again when weather is dry and sunny to make sure symptoms were not weather related. In the last couple of days I think I have inadvertently had butter/margarine while eating out. Not sure so I won't do any other intro's for a while then I want to do
  8. Merg - great to hear from you. It sounds like you are creating a great support system and I am glad. So far I have resisted the emotional eating - and drinking because - like you said - it only makes it worse. When we feel good hopefully we can do good things. One of my goals is to cut down on screen time too which won't be too hard in a few weeks considering that after we close on the sale of our house I won't have internet service except for at work which will mean just at lunchtime. And, no, I don't have a smart phone. But, I will still be on here because I love the suppport, motivat
  9. Welcome back Cynthia - good to hear from you again. Miss Lindy - my supervisors use Dragon and it didn't seem to be too involved in setting it up so I think you will be just fine - I dislike learning new technology too! Trying to stay on track with slow roll for re-intros. Intro'd corn and pretty sure no problems with that. Have let in some sugar without waking Dragon yet. Life right now is very stressful as we have experienced another very unexpected death in the family. Just trying to focus on the really important things right now like being present each day for loved ones
  10. My last day of W30. Surprisingly this one has been easier than the second one which was much harder than the first one. I'm not completely recovered from some major fluid retention that I think came from something at Ruby Tuesday last weekend but I had planned on intro'ing corn tomorrow and have already bought some fresh so I am going to go ahead with the reintro. I know the recommendation is to eat 3 servings of the food but I also know that my body functions much better on low carb. And when I add carbs to my meals my veggie portions go way down. So, I am probably just going to have one
  11. Life is just kind of a b**** sometimes - doesn't seem right though. Crimsann - take a breath and I think you will come out on the other side ok. I hope you are feeling better soon. I share your philosophy about letting the body heal itself - sometimes it takes a while though. And yes, it does sound crazy, that in the midst of everything going on you are still thinking about healthy food - but that is the process isn't it? Nancy - I am so sorry for all of the tragedy that is surrounding you right now. Sometimes the loss just seems to be too much but hold on tight to the family and f
  12. Wow it has been quiet in here lately! Hopefully everyone is just busy enjoying some nice weather. Nancy - sorry you didn't like the yogurt - nothing like really looking forward to something only to find out you don't like it. What other kind of good stuff have you been fixing in the IP? MissLindy - I am glad you don't think your efforts are small - they are huge!!! I had been doing so well on W30 until last few days - developed rather significant bloating and fluid retention in legs and hands. Diet has been compliant except that we ate at a Ruby Tuesday Saturday and although
  13. Crimsann - Happy Birthday!!! Hope you feel better quickly. Have you ever tried taking Zicam to shorten a cold? I think it has worked in the past for me - I'm not sure of the ingredients but might not be too bad. So far these last 20 days have gone fast. Nothing great to report - just plugging along.
  14. I think I should have maybe used some punctuation in my last post . . . Meant to read that I felt like the sloth. Perhaps a comma between sloth and Nancy would have been appropriate. This is how rumors get started Any who . . . I found a suitable excuse (if that actually is a thing) to not go to gym again this morning. I used to absolutely love being in the gym and never thought about not going. Over the last year I have just gradually lost the desire. Not sure why but could possibly be because I have had a couple of physical setbacks in the form of a back and then a hip injury and no
  15. Was at our local produce stand a couple of days ago and saw that they were co-sponsoring a Fairy Garden making class - I felt so smart because I had read Crimsann's blog about doing that ... otherwise, I had never heard of it! Day 16 done. Had breakfast of 2 eggs, bacon with sliced tomatoes and cukes. Was happy, and surprised that this held me for a good 6 hours that we were away from home (which included a couple hours of physical activity). Had taken some food with us but didn't need it. Before W30 I never left the house without "emergency" food - usually some kind of bar . . . bec