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  1. Can’t Eat Another Vegetable

    Yup, totally normal. I have taken a long hiatus from broccoli because, bleh. Please experiment with different vegetables, spices, marinades, dipping sauces and cooking methods. Examples: Roast vegetables: makes most vegetables crisper and sweeter Sunshine Sauce: Marinade: balsamic vinegar and evoo or coconut aminos/toasted sesame oil/rice vinegar/garlic/ginger Hide veggies in sauces
  2. Advice Needed

    Unfortunately you planned your Whole30 to end without enough time to do reintroductions, so you need to decide how to proceed. The reintro process is very important because it is going to tell you how to go forward and 'ride your own bike,' so to speak. With that said, you have several options and your final decision will be ultimately up to you and what you what to prioritize: 1. You could sample just the protein and let your fiancé sample the other items, but remember, if you want to keep with the Whole30, that you need to find out what the proteins are marinaded or seasoned with as well as what, if any, cooking oils were used. 2. You chose and are paying for this caterer, no? You have every right to ask them to compile a menu to meet your specific needs. If you want to avoid gluten and dairy they should be able to accommodate this. 3. Not sample anything and proceed with the reintroduction phase.
  3. Insomnia - ketosis?

    Good job! I came to this thread late, read all the way through and I am very happy to see that it looks like you found a solution. Fingers crossed! When I was severely B12 deficient I had all kinds of symptoms, insomnia included.
  4. "flavoring" vs. "natural flavoring"?

    It's hard to say what this means. Natural flavoring is *OK* for the purpose of a Whole30. You would need to call the company to see if the flavoring they use is natural or artificial. When in doubt, I would avoid and make your own sausage patties at home. When I take the time to make my own, I find it always tastes better than prepackage sausages.
  5. How do you know....

    Exactly, it's a nice feeling. I realized, after the fact, that yesterday at work I had went 8 hrs since breakfast before I could eat lunch and I was only slightly hungry.
  6. How do I fit all this fresh food in my fridge?

    There are two in my family and even though we buy a lot of food each week, I don't have trouble organizing and fitting everything in my fridge. I have two double compartment veggie crispers that hold all my veg and a smaller meat and cheese type drawer where I keep bacon, compliant breakfast sausages, hotdogs. The rest of the stuff goes on the shelves. Use your refrigerator door for sauces and dressings. Since you have two members of your household not following the Whole30 designate shelve space specifically for their foods and specific fridge space for your stuff. Consider washing and prepping/cutting your veggies ahead of time and maybe organizing in labelled tupperware. Freeze any meats you won't be cooking within 3 days. If you take one day a week to meal prep, that should consolidate many of the ingredients in your fridge. Also, those meals can be frozen to free up more space.
  7. Surf Taco

    You would need to know of the ingredients in the seasoning and if they coat the grill with non compliant oil.
  8. How do you know....

    Simply put, when you can go 4-6 hrs between meals without ill effect. In other words, you don't get *hangry*, don't experience headaches, dizziness and/or fatigue related to low blood sugar. Do know this is a only a term coined to explain the changes that occur in our bodies when our blood sugar levels remain stable. Our bodies fluctuate between burning fat and glucose all the time. It is never 100% one or the other. The Whole30, however, helps the body transition from burning primarily glucose to being able to rely on fat stores in between meals. In someone who feeds their body high levels of processed carbs they get blood glucose spikes and dip all day long which prevents their body from utilizing the energy from their fat stores.
  9. Anyone have success with systemic enzymes?

    I am sorry, but I can not offer any experience with systemic enzymes, but was wondering if you are doing or plan to do a Whole30? Since your concern is to reduce inflammation, why don't you consider doing a Whole30 sans enzymes ~ especially since you said you didn't notice a difference ~ since it is the ultimate anti-inflammatory prescription.
  10. What if I do not have symptoms?

    Ok, your response clarifies a lot and you sound like you are coming from a good place. I am glad to hear you are concerned about not losing weight Here is some info about maintaining or gaining weight while on a Whole30: Some people do find that they can tolerate varying amounts of the originally excluded foods after they reintroduce them. For instance, Melissa Hartwig said she can tolerate hummus but not dairy. I know dairy gives me acne and potentiates seasonal allergy symptoms and sinusitis, but I can tolerate a small amount here in there (but definitely not milk, ever). Some people can tolerate non gluten grains like rice. There is increasing evidence that gluten is bad for everyone. Your best bet is to do the Whole30 and the proper reintroductions then you can decide for yourself what is worth it and what is not. With that said, though, the excluded foods are excluded for a reason. They will never make you more healthy than eating meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables/fruit and fat. Good luck and feel free to ask questions that is what we are here for, but for you to get the best feel for the program some reading will help.
  11. What if I do not have symptoms?

    You don't have to do anything. What brought you to the Whole30 in the first place? Do you have the book It Starts with Food? There is science behind this program and this books explains that. The links Tom gave you are a good start, too. If you want to go back to these foods before you even start the Whole30, I don't understand why you want to do the Whole30. This is not a weight loss plan. I am very concerned if you are 80 lbs at 4'11' and feel you need to lose weight? Actually, I can not tell if you want weight loss or weight gain? 80lbs at 4'11" as a teenager is underweight.
  12. Weight gain whole60

    ^^This! Lesha, did you take before and after measurements? The scale does not tell the whole story.
  13. Constipation. Boo.

    You can try increasing your dose of Magnesium for the time being. Also, probiotics in the form of fermented foods (i.e., kombucha, sauerkraut,), digestive enzymes and Betaine HCl can help. Be sure to check supplement labels for non compliant ingredients before purchasing. Nuts are definitely something to minimize and I would suggest to consume more cooked vegetables over raw. Even though I try to get in at least one serving of fermented food/drink per day, I find taking 1-2 compliant probiotic capsules at bedtime to be the most beneficial for producing a morning movement.
  14. A little disappointed

    Did you do the reintroduction protocol? It sounds to me as if you did not and are just assuming that since you feel *exactly the same* as before the Whole30 that you do not have any adverse reactions to those foods which were eliminated. If you did not to the reintroduction, I would strongly suggest that you do, you might be surprised. Unfortunately, as written, the Whole30 is not a weight loss plan. Do many people lose weight as a side effect? Yes. There are many reasons why this happens for some and probably as many reasons, if not more, as to why it does not happen for others. An obvious reason is that for some they really have a lot to lose so weight will fall off quickly in their situation. I often wonder when females, in particular, find that they did not lose weight if it doesn't have to do with the fact that they are already at a healthy weight and it is really their body composition (essentially fat:muscle ratio) that they are not happy with. How much weight do you feel you need to lose? I know you said you followed the template for meals, but did you snack? I definitely second jmcbn recommendation to post a few days worth of meals.
  15. Since eating a full template meal within one hour of waking is ideal. I would suggest you eat a full breakfast close to waking, that way you have at least an hour before your workout to digest. Have your post workout meal at 9:45. Chicken breast and potatoes are fine, no added fat.