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  1. OP, I don't have any comments on the link you've included, but I just want to say I feel your pain. We're in almost exactly the same boat. I'm 36, at a very similar weight to you, could stand to lose over 100 pounds, and more frustratingly, the first time I did a W30 18 months ago, I lost 17 pounds and experienced a bunch of NSVs. Now I'm on day 30 again, and nothing. Literally not a single pound lost, not a single health or well-being improvement beyond having kicked diet soda again, whoop-de-doo. I'm committed to sticking with a W30 way of eating indefinitely, and I'm in no hurry to reintroduce foods, but this is incredibly disappointing and frustrating.
  2. OP, we are very similar (though I am in my 30s, in all other respects your profile seems similar to mine) and just FYI, it took me a solid week to feel hungry again at all, and I didn't get hungry for food when I woke up until more than halfway through my W30. (I'd loathed breakfast my whole life.)
  3. berrybird

    My friend's lack of commitment

    This is excellent advice, thank you for giving me some things to think about. I think cookups on the weekends may help with some of the issues, to be sure, and the increasing availability of fresh seasonal produce will probably help him come around more, too. (We've found a local CSA membership, including pasture-raised eggs, that will meet our needs and we're pretty excited about that.) I still would love to convince him to do a true W30 just to experience it (honestly, I think it did more for me psychologically than it did physically, and I definitely had physical effects!) but even if not, we'll manage.
  4. berrybird

    My friend's lack of commitment

    My own SO is exhausting me with his insistence that he wants to eat "mostly W30" but with an endless list of "exceptions" that he wants to include. I did a successful and intriguing W30 in the fall, and have gone through bouts of eating close to the templates as well as eating very far from it since then. I want to try again in April to do a complete W30 or even perhaps a W60 and then take more time with reintroductions than I was able to do in the fall, but every time I bring it up he's full of reasons why he wants to do it with me...except for this list of a dozen or more non-W30 foods he intends on eating. He mostly ate W30 dinners with me last time, but did his own thing for breakfast and lunch. Even that was hard. I can and will do my own thing, but it's very difficult when we share cooking duties quite equally between us. He feels hugely constrained by W30's rules, while for me knowing the black-and-white rules is a huge relief - something I don't have to worry about, it just *is*. He is uncomfortable with meal planning because then he feels "locked in" to cooking a certain thing, which he hates, feeling like it stifles his creativity and isn't responsive to his own hunger, whereas I'm the opposite - I don't like to pull together meals on the spot and there's something really comfortable about having a plan, even if it's not necessarily always super-appealing in the moment. It's tough in any case to be coming to W30 from different perspectives and with different mindsets about food. I'm not sure there's an easy solution.
  5. berrybird

    Sugar Dragon

    Do you add any fat to your breakfast besides "maybe" bacon? I find I do best with avocado or a mayo-based sauce with my breakfast food, even if I'm eating a fatty meat like bacon or prosciutto. Try adding a few tablespoons of guacamole on top of your eggs and potatoes and see if it helps. One of my favorite breakfast meals is protein (preferably something with some good fat in it like salmon or ground beef), a slice or two of prosciutto or bacon, sweet potato hash, a handful of baby carrots, and guacamole. I sometimes will have some dressing to dip my meat or veggies in addition to the guacamole, especially if I'm eating a leaner meat.
  6. berrybird

    Trader Joe's ghee

    I was not impressed with the quality of TJ's ghee. It worked fine for cooking even with the granular texture, but I thought the flavor was rather funky. I sub coconut oil for ghee in most recipes.
  7. berrybird

    What's your hunger litmus test?

    If this is a not-so-serious/mostly-joking thread, my apologies for hijacking it and making it serious! But the use of words like "hate" and "disgust" here give me pause. I always interpreted the "steamed fish and vegetables" not to actually mean that hunger shouldn't be "am I so hungry I can choke down food I hate?" Steamed fish and broccoli is boring and bland, but hardly something most people actively dislike - I assumed it meant that the food shouldn't be the sort of thing most people ever crave, not repellent, but just "straight up fuel", so to speak. I mean, for most foods I truly hate, I would literally rather fast for a few days than eat it. I have been in the position of not having eaten for over 24 hours and was offered food that featured an item I loathe the texture of (olives, ugh) and I turned it down without a second thought. Because if the metric of "real" hunger is "I'd eat disgusting food" I'm not sure I've ever in my life been that hungry.
  8. berrybird

    need motivation to stay on track

    I felt pretty rough throughout my Whole30, which I completed this past fall. Honestly, I really only started feeling *good* during the last few days. But, boy, your meals look good and well-balanced to me, and you are very nearly halfway there! I feel very confident in saying that nearly all of my lost weight and non-scale victories/improvements happened during the last week, perhaps even the last 5 days of my W30. Of course there are no guarantees, but I felt really good on Day 31, and every struggle felt worthwhile. I had a lot of struggles, for what it's worth, especially early on - nausea, low mood, decreased energy and focus (I have ADD and the loss of sugar made my medication less effective, something I hadn't been expecting all) hit me during the first two weeks especially. The fact that you are doing this with twin toddlers has me in awe, frankly. You're amazing!
  9. berrybird

    Early Morning Breakfast help..

    I feel like I chip in this comment or one like it on a lot of threads, but it seems to be such a common thing that I always want to reassure people just starting their Whole30, and I empathize so much with what you're feeling, OP: I hated breakfast. Not gonna lie - I still don't *like* the process of eating breakfast because I am generally grumpy, if awake, in the mornings. I'm in my mid-30s and never had a breakfast habit before Whole30. Ever. But it only took a week or so on Whole30 before my really strong gag reflex and roiling nausea at the thought of putting food in my mouth at 6:30 AM had *mostly* dissipated. Obviously not everyone has the same experience, and I will admit that some of my first few breakfasts were compliant but not to the template (I mostly focused on getting my protein first, and sometimes was scant on veggies), but after a week it was not a big deal. I still don't like eggs first thing in the morning, they continue to turn my stomach. I never eat eggs for weekday breakfasts. But my favorite breakfast these days is actually fish (white fish or salmon, usually) with roasted sweet potato or carrots. I legitimately crave it when I wake up, even when I'm grumpy and tired and dreading a long day.
  10. Exactly! Do something you enjoy that's not food related. For me that's video games and silly movies and a favorite novel. Get comfy. Drink some seltzer with a splash of fruit juice and distract yourself. This, too, shall pass.
  11. berrybird

    Day 2: My Olive Oil is Gross

    I *love* the taste of olive oil in a lot of things, but I'm firmly in the avocado oil for mayo camp. As others have mentioned in this thread, the kind available at Costco is good quality and a good price for a huge bottle. It's even replaced olive oil in many cooking contexts for me, and I'm so Italian olive oil is probably a good 20% of my blood volume!
  12. berrybird

    Am I eating enough?

    As someone who was also vegetarian for a long time and still doesn't often love eating meat, one suggestion I'd make is trying chicken and pork dishes that use shredded meat. For me, I found that the consistency and mouthfeel of meat is what put me off. Most of the meat I eat is baked or poached shredded chicken or big cuts of pork slow-cooked in a crock pot and shredded. That meat can be cooked in big batches and become the base for a lot of different meals, and can be a bit less intimidating than a whole chicken breast or a pork chop.
  13. berrybird

    This is breaking my bank!!!!

    It's just my husband and I, and we don't have a ton of storage space, but we still have a Costco membership and regularly shop there. Large packages of good quality meat (we mostly do chicken thighs, pork roasts for the crock pot, and ground beef, plus a variety of compliant pre-cooked sausages) get split up into smaller packages immediately at home and chucked in the freezer. It's a lot of cost at once, but it lasts a long time. Then we buy veggies and fruit based on whatever's on sale at our local markets. We keep very little in the way of frozen fruit or veggies beyond an "emergency bag" or two of a veggie blend so that the freezer can be 70% meat for cooking/20% soups/stews/prepped food ready to defrost/10% Odds and Ends. I go to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods about once a month in a city that's about 40 minutes away for a few special things (Tessemae's dressings at WF, almond butter at TJs, etc) but the reality is that Whole Foods is going to be more expensive than buying organic at your local store chain most of the time, at least in my experience. In my area, cage free organic eggs from a local company are $3.50 a dozen. I know it's not the same as pasture raised (I miss being able to buy such eggs at a farmer's market in the last community I lived in) but I try to think through what I'm willing to compromise a bit on - if it's not anything, you're going to feel it in the wallet.
  14. berrybird

    Can't fit in 3 meals.

    I only got through it myself by simply forcing myself to eat when I got up. Yes, it meant that I was fighting nausea and feeling a bit gross for the first few days, but it dissipated very quickly, and I say that as someone who really, actively *hated* eating in the morning (I've been a breakfast-skipper all my life) and with a gag reflex so strong I have trouble even taking small pills in the morning. I still don't love doing it, I'm not going to lie - I just finished my first Whole30 last week - but neither does it bother me any longer. You just have to do it. You're not going to start feeling hungry until you make the change in habits, your appetite is too well trained to what you currently do. Now I generally wake up at least a little bit hungry, though it still takes some effort. As for how to do it, having pre-prepped food might help, depending on what exactly is offputting to you about eating in the morning. I generally can't stand cooking in the morning, so I mostly eat things that are better cold (certain leftovers, chicken or tuna salad, etc) or can be microwaved (a sweet potato, leftover roasted veggies), for example. Edit to add: To be more specific, I think for me the scent of cooking food first thing is actually the thing that bothers me - I'm super-sensitive to smells like that. So my favorite first-meal-of-the-day is cold sliced meat and raw veggies with a dipping sauce of some kind, which are pretty scentless.
  15. berrybird

    Deli Meats?

    I believe at least some varieties of Applegate Farms deli meat that you can get sliced at the deli counter is compliant - it's just the pre-sliced packaged stuff that has the carrageenan.