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  1. I'm starting on the 1st, even though I know the official "September Whole30" starts on the 2nd. I am a weirdo and want to feel like I completed 30 days in September. LOL I don't think a day will make too much of a difference with relevance to community support and it will give me one less day to try to talk myself out of it. I am 50, married and mom to two teenagers. My husband is a super fitness buff who is extremely focused on nutrition and my older son is away at college.. so the only person who will have issues with the Whole30 is my 16 year old.. he is (as you might exp
  2. I *think* I'm starting July 12 - but maybe I'll join you on the 8th instead!!
  3. I did a Whole30 a few years ago.. it turned into a whole 60.. and then came the holidays. I have always meant to do it again.. but i got lazy and just never got to it. Actually.. I did do a few here and there.. but never with the same full enthusiasm and planning. I'm actually NOT starting on July 1 because I'm not prepared.. meaning i have not planned yet.. and failure to plan means planning to fail. I'm hoping to start next Friday - but I'm excited to see you all on your journeys in the meanwhile.. and will try to be as compliant as possible until next week!