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    gem got a reaction from Mrs.Mathias in I'm eating dairy....anyone else?   
    Thank You I agree.
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    gem reacted to ladyshanny in PCOS??   
    Hi Gem,
    This has been discussed at length on the forum. In the interest of avoiding duplication, I have merged your question with an existing PCOS thread. You are also welcome to google "Whole30 PCOS" for other threads and discussions.
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    gem reacted to Lisa1967 in PCOS??   
    I was diagnosed with PCOS a while back.  My doctor put my on metformin, then I got pregnant and stopped.  I have been un-medicated since then.  I am post Whole 30, but due to my success in that 30 days, I'm continuing to follow it (more or less).  I'm definitely staying off wheat (check out the book Wheat Belly).  Anyway, I lost 15 lbs in that month.  I take yoga once a week and occasionally walk.  Nothing major.  Post Whole 30, my weight continues to go down, but it's not melting off like it did at first.  I highly recommend it.  The only change I made was eating goat cheese.  Man, if I'm going to eat a salad every day, it's going to have goat cheese in it.  
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    gem reacted to Me2 in Starting October 22....I just can't wait!!   
    Started on the 22nd & feel great. Good luck all!
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    gem reacted to CJPdub in Starting October 22....I just can't wait!!   
    I started 10/22 also! So far so good, hope everyone else is getting off to a good start as well! 
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    gem reacted to JodieJill in Starting October 22....I just can't wait!!   
    I'm starting today -- a day behind you two. I'm worried about the cravings.... Just thinking about thw 30 days last night, I ate some farewell chocolate and drank some milk. I'm pre diabetic and have only one adrenal gland. So sugar is a big no-no. But I like it so. I like to walk and ride my bike for exercise, but the family hustle gets in the way of taking care of me. Can you relate?
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    gem reacted to mrenner12 in Starting October 22....I just can't wait!!   
    Today was also my first day and I hope yours was also successful!