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  1. Hi this is my second whole 30 although I did my first quite a while ago. It has been going well but today is day 16 and I just want carbs and sugar. I am so tired. I thought I was suppose to be feeling more energetic and good about myself by this day. I don't feel like I am seeing much in the way of results for weigh loss either. I could use some advice and encouragement please and thank you
  2. How to navigate being invited to a pot luck

    Thank you for your reply Shannon, I will think about one of your suggestions. The problem seems to be that the whole 30 food tastes different and sometimes takes adjustment. i have tried making potato salad before but being made from home made mayo is not the same as miracle whip and english salad dressing with the sugar and people I have made it for do not like it and think its bland. But you gave me some good ideas; maybe the quiche. thank you!
  3. I have just started my 3rd whole 30. I did not make it through the 2nd because we got invited away for a weekend and I had to eat! When no one else is doing whole 30 its really hard. I am the only one in my family doing this. I can not get my husband or daughter to buy into it. It does not help when I fall of the wagon when we go out or to friends. I get together with my girlfriends, attend small group studies with church ladies and have just been invited to a mother daughter luncheon. I am frustrated that I just can not seem to make it through these events because I do not know what to take to share with non whole 30 people. I have looked through sites to find appetizers and ideas but honestly they are too far out there and no one wants to eat them. I need some normal food ideas that people will eat. Any suggestions anyone please
  4. I am on day 7 of my first whole 30. Its been a difficult 7 days but I got here. But, first tonight I accidently ate rice! Wasn't thinking and just talking with company and dished it up with the chicken dish and ate it not realizing it until about an hour ago. I am beyond upset. Then I remember wanting to recheck the ingredients on the jar of speghetti sauce I used yesterday because it tasted sweet. I checked the ingredients in the store and read it over and over again. No sugar! It is PC brand organics. But when I look at the nutritional guide is says sugar 6grams. I don't understand. If there is no sugar anywhere in the ingredients list how can this be? Can someone please help me here. i am already upset that I now have to start over but now I am confused over the ingredients on other items. Thank you