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    Helena61 reacted to jmcbn in Larabars for breakfast...What's the harm?   
    Here's the thing, whilst technically compliant Larabars are for emergency use only. Like you're on the Titanic, and it's just hit an iceberg kind of emergency. Leo is no more and you're all afloat at sea, with rescue not looking likely anytime today kind of emergency. Breakfast is not an emergency.

    They're also about as removed as it gets from the foods we are encouraging you to eat here.

    Just eat real food - and by that I mean a template meal, not a handful of almonds.
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    Helena61 reacted to chezjulie in nutritional guide vs ingredient list   
    Hi Helena. I looked online and if you were having the regular pasta sauce from PC Organics, it looks compliant to me. The sugar on the label is probably naturally occurring sugars from the tomatoes and the carrots. That's totally fine.
    Sorry to hear about the rice! I know it's distressing after getting through 7 whole days. If you are having difficulty, you might want to post a few days worth of meals on the Troubleshooting board and the moderators can give you some tips that might make the next week easier.
    And even though you're starting over on your official Whole30, it doesn't negate the 7 days of very healthy eating you've already got under your belt.