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    Help! Resources in the UK

    Marks and Spencers does lots of compliant cooked seafood options which are good go-to proteins - like mairnated squid, prawns and smoked salmon
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    Help! Resources in the UK

    Pret does a protein pot - so 2 boiled eggs and spinach - which help me in long work evenings. I head to whole foods for some specific whole30 ingredients. My brother got me an able and cole meat box for my birthday which was a great way to get week;y high welfare quality meat. Other than that I do most of my shopping in Lidl, Sainsbury and Waitrose. Waitrose and M&S are usually the best bet for more processed compliant food. Pretty much all canned tuna I have found in waitrose and the main brands is compliant, the same with tomato sauces, although i have to go to Whole Foods to get compliant pesto. Morrison does sugar free smoked salmon. I have never found a compliant jerky option but i haven't looked to hard. This is the chorizo i buy http://www.waitrose.com/shop/DisplayProductFlyout?productId=332880