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  1. cleanandclear

    Day 31 & a mixed bag of results

    Hi Loulabelle, Thanks so much for continuing to post your results. I am on day 6 today and not feeling particularly enthusiastic so reading through this thread has inspired me enormously!
  2. cleanandclear

    First Whole30, Day 1: 11/2/15

    Hi everyone, I am on day 2 today. Have been considering doing Whole 30 for some time and finally have started. I really need this as I have been having digestive problems and sleep problems for a while now, my skin is not great and I just don't feel my glowing self. In fact it's ages since I felt really well. I have always been a healthy eater, but for some reason as I've gotten older I seem to be caring a little less about what I put into my body. Anyway, I'm sure it will be a journey of discovery! Day one was quite comfortable for me and today, so far so good. It will get interesting, I know, once I encounter a little stress at work. I will post every day here to help keep myself accountable. Good luck all! c&c Start date: 11/3//2015