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    ArtFossil reacted to littleg in Setting personal guidelines for my food freedom   
    Hi Amura!  It is interesting how one's perspective changes with information and experience   I'm just wondering... what is your "ultimate" goal?  You have a lot of really great guidelines which will certainly help you have a more nutritious and hopefully gut friendly life.  I'm wondering though if a few "rule" might help since you said you do well with clear boundaries.  Like, if work treats or too-many-special-occassions are the problems make quantifiable rules around them.  "I will only eat treats at work once a month" or "I will enjoy a meal in a restaurant only 2 times a calendar month"... things like that.  It is something that has been really helpful for me.  I'm a nurse and the hospital snacks are: packs of cookies, ice cream, gingerale (those are supplied by the hospital, you know, the place trying to make people healthier ).  The foods brought in by others I'm sure you can imagine.  ER nurse recognition week was 10 half gallons of ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream etc.  There was practically no room in the fridge it was so full of sundae toppings!  Anyway... lots of temptation is my point.  And my issue has always been sugar so not easy for me.  So I have a rule: I will only eat food at work that I bring to work with me or purchase in the cafeteria from the salad bar which must be meat, raw veg or fruit.  I just don't break that rule.  And it has really been helpful for me to reign in a history of off-the-rails eating at work.  Anyway, just food for though  
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    ArtFossil got a reaction from ultrarunnergirl in Headaches   
    Make sure you're SALTING your food! It's instructive how much you may need to salt when you're not eating any processed food. 
    Dont forget your water! 1/2 oz per pound of body weight. 
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    ArtFossil reacted to ShannonM816 in Are you new here? Welcome!   
    If you continue eating Whole30 style, making your meals match the meal template, you will continue to improve your health, and you will almost certainly also lose weight as you get healthier, although it may not be as fast as you would like. However, losing weight slowly while eating in a way that is sustainable means you won't yo-yo, losing and gaining and losing over and over again.
    Losing a pound a week is not bad. Keep doing that and in a year, you'll have lost 50 lbs. Focus on the other improvements you've seen. List them somewhere -- actually write them down -- and when you feel discouraged, refer back to your list. Add to the list over time, if you experience new improvements. If you have trouble getting started, here's a handy checklist you can print off and mark the ones you've experienced.
    Remember that the more time you've spent dieting, gaining and losing weight, restricting your calories, the longer it is going to take to really heal from that. I know that it's frustrating, and I know that you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, but think about your experiences with other diets. You've lost weight on them, sure, but it sounds like you weren't able to maintain that weight loss -- therefore they didn't really work. A successful diet not only helps you lose the weight initially, it helps you maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle. Try something new. Ditch the scale, focus on non-scale victories and on eating healthy foods that will nourish your body and make you healthier.
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    ArtFossil reacted to Terez in Where is the guidance on reintroducing Alcohol?   
    I don't have any input on the alcohol question but I do have a suggestion on the reintroduction schedule.
    It turns out that we should be prepared to allow 2 days for each reintroduction and then three days of clean eating to see if we react to it. (If we react the first day then no need to add the second day. But if we don't react the first day, we might not have enough of the food in our system yet and we should eat it a second day.)
    So your schedule above (if allowing 2 days per food test) would be:
    Days 1 & 2: dairy.
    Days 6 & 7: gluten grains.
    Days 11-12: non-gluten grains.
    Days 16-17: legumes.
    I'm whining that they should call this a Whole60 and not a Whole30 because we're really not off it until after we've tested all the foods that we're going to test.
    I look forward to hearing the replies to your alcohol question.
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    ArtFossil reacted to Tom Denham in Where is the guidance on reintroducing Alcohol?   
    You can plug alcohol in to the schedule similar to any other food with the exception that you probably don't want to have a shot of whiskey at breakfast, a glass of scotch at lunch, and a glass of wine with dinner unless your lifestyle is friendly to drinking all day. Actually, a few servings of your favorite drink should give you an idea of how your body responds.
    I was impressed with how much more detailed the reintroduction advice was in It Starts With Food than anything Dallas and Melissa had written before. Now I hear you guys asking for more details. Some of that is developing though our discussions here on the forum. I am kind of saying you may need to reintroduce for several days in order to have enough servings of a food to get a reaction if you are going to have one. And then I think you need several days of clean eating before testing a new food to let your body get back to baseline. If you crowd tests too closely together, you won't get as good an idea of how strongly something is affecting you.
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    ArtFossil reacted to laura_juggles in Can i have balsamic vinegar?   
    I was really bored one day and started looking at tons of labels at the store. I don't remember which brand(s) it was, but there were definitely ones with the sulphites in parenthesis attached to the vinegar. It was an eye-opening experience. 
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    ArtFossil reacted to laura_juggles in Can i have balsamic vinegar?   
    That's not always true either, unfortunately. Often, ingredients will list the sulfites whether they're added or not. If the label says something like this:
    Ingredients: Wine Vinegar, Grape Must Concentrate, Cooked Grape Must, Sulphur Dioxide (Antioxidant)
    then it's out because of the Sulphur Dioxide. But if it says something like this:
    Ingredients: Wine Vinegar (contains sulphites), Grape Must Concentrate, Cooked Grape Must
    then it's compliant because the sulphites are naturally occurring in the vinegar. 
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    ArtFossil got a reaction from Renata Sue King-Dewar in Profile Image Issues   
    Still no luck with uploading a photo. I get an error message, "Failed to set new photo."
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    ArtFossil got a reaction from kirkor in Profile Image Issues   
    Still no luck with uploading a photo. I get an error message, "Failed to set new photo."