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  1. thegoldengrahamgirl

    Legume reintroduction question

    I did peanut separately and did find that they caused digestive upset AND inflammation (darn those lectins) FOR ME. I have yet to do any other legumes. I will also do soy separately. I'm undecided about whether I will be splitting out each of lentils, black beans, kidney beans and garbanzo beans (chickpeas).
  2. thegoldengrahamgirl

    Can't I have....

    There absolutely was a way out of it; you chose not to take it. It's called planning in advance, either by planning compliant choices at the restaurant and/or bringing your own food. It's good to learn how to socialize while on Whole30. Your mates aren't going to force feed you non-compliant choices. But yes, much better to get back in the saddle immediately versus spiraling negative food choices. Go get 'EM HH8!
  3. thegoldengrahamgirl

    Need more rules! Scared of reintro!

    Don't do the cookie! Yes, you are at the more challenging (and most valuable) part of the program. If you'd like some structure around your reintro to help you ease back into these treacherous waters (because you can't and shouldn't eat Whole30 forever - that's why it's a Whole30 and not a Whole365), you might want to check out my reintroduction where I am keeping meticulous records of what and how I reintroduce foods and how they impact me, with as many days of Whole30-style eating in between as needed until I feel "ready" for the next reintroduction. Guess what - YOU get the write the "rules" for the next part of your life. I know it's hard and it's scary, but it's the only way YOU get to be in charge of what's best for YOU, because no one knows you better than YOU yourself! Good luck! -Lauren (GGG)
  4. thegoldengrahamgirl

    leftover chicken

    I love making chicken salad with leftover chicken pieces, homemade mayo, chopped onions and celery and seasonings (I use curry powder, sea salt, black pepper and a sprinkle of red chili flakes or cayenne for some kick). Also good with a sprinkle of sesame seeds, ginger, bean sprouts and orange segments for an Asian-inspired chicken salad. Serve it on greens or wrapped up in a sturdy lettuce leaf! Cheers, -Lauren (GGG)
  5. thegoldengrahamgirl

    Julian Bakery Wraps

    I have to recommend using a large, thin omelette as a "wrap." I whisked two eggs with seasonings (red chili flakes, sea salt and pepper) and then spread them out to cover the entire surface of a large skillet. Then I used the omelette like a tortilla to wrap up some sliced avocado and sautéed spinach. Tomatoes would also have been nice, or maybe some compliant ham slices. Cheers, -Lauren (GGG)
  6. thegoldengrahamgirl

    Starting 1/3/16... and my official break up letter with sugar.

    Yay! Hang in there! One day at a time. One meal at a time! You might surprise yourself and keep right on heading for your goals after the official thirty days are done!
  7. thegoldengrahamgirl

    What to do with coconut flour? (besides "breading")

    Thanks! Best salmon cakes ever! Going to try it as a binder in zucchini fritters next...
  8. thegoldengrahamgirl

    Medicinal honey?

    Another vote for Traditional Medicinal's Organic Throat Coat Tea - see how it stacks up against the Gypsy Tea!
  9. thegoldengrahamgirl

    Personal "rules" - what are yours?

    It's not "my" rule, but ArtFossil has a standard to "plate" everything before eating - no eating straight out of a package/jar/container. I think this shows mindfulness and self-care and I'd like to adopt it, even just for a little packet of trail mix or what have you. No more spoonfuls of nut butter out of the jar - I've got to put it into a little dish or bowl, which will make me pause and consider whether I REALLY want it. And if I do, I will enjoy the heck out of it!
  10. thegoldengrahamgirl

    Sugar Addict

    This is a very helpful discussion, and the link from Gretchen was especially illuminating. I used to think that I could be a moderator, if only I "tried hard enough." Or that I was failing somehow by NOT being a moderator; that there was something flawed with my abstainer personality. I'm learning to moderate my workouts so that I don't risk injury from needing to do ALL of the weight or ALL of the reps. This is an area where it works. It's not quite as simple as fully abstainer or fully moderator for me (and likely not for many people). But when it comes to certain foods, simply saying "no" (with no fixed date of "forever" causing me to feel panicky - I always hold myself up to the possibility of re-examination) is SO much easier than trying to have just one. I'm trying to explain the difference to my moderator husband, who tries to get me to have "just one bite" of his dessert.
  11. thegoldengrahamgirl

    What to do with coconut flour? (besides "breading")

    Alright, so I have a surfeit of coconut flour in my cupboard. I have abandoned the idea of Paleo baking post-Whole30 - so what do I do with this coconut flour, besides breading stuff with it? Any great recipes/cooking ideas? Thanks! -Lauren (GGG)
  12. thegoldengrahamgirl


    Just be aware the walnuts are definitely on the "LIMIT" list due to their relatively high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). If you're going to have nuts (as mentioned, they're easy to overeat and they are a "sub-optimal" fat source), macadamia nuts are your best pick due to their relatively high content of Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). Cheers, -Lauren (GGG)
  13. thegoldengrahamgirl

    Dinner with Neighbours

    Good news - the lasagna dinner was fine (these things usually turn out this way, don't they?). I ate the cheese (mild cheddar and/or mozzarella and ricotta) and beef out of one small piece of lasagna, leaving the noodles. No one said a word about the noodles left on my plate. My Caesar salad dressing turned out AWESOME ( recipe - I omitted the anchovies), so I focused on that. Our hostess even went back for seconds! (Of course, who doesn't love REAL bacon in a salad?). Thanks for all of the support. Dairy cheese reintro in the books! No rush on yogurt or milk (and I've already done dairy butter). Cheers, -Lauren (GGG)
  14. thegoldengrahamgirl

    How to Cook Cubed Acorn Squash

    You can also steam the cubes and then mash them with coconut milk and/or ghee and a little bit of cinnamon. Mmmm...
  15. thegoldengrahamgirl

    Needing some change in texture

    Another vote for raw veggies (crunchier than nuts, IMO), if you can handle them from a digestive standpoint (nuts are also hard to digest). And I LOVE roasted broccoli. Mmmmm....Sauteeing or baking kale in oil until it's crispy is also DELICIOUS. Cheers, -Lauren (GGG)