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  1. We're on day 6 as a family, and hubby has been a full and happy participant. He wants to feel good as much as I do. We've been doing ok so far... with one small problem. He hates vegetables. He'll eat a few types, but in small portions, and can't bring himself to stomach more. This means that he has been relying on fruit WAY too much. To the point where I'm certain he's just feeding the sugar dragon, which will sabotage his efforts in the long run. Example: today, he packed this for his lunch: approx. 1.5 cups chunks of cooked chicken, marinated in a compliant greek dressing, then cooked. approx. 1 cup of green beans, drizzled with avocado oil and salt (it would have been less, but I dished the beans out for him A pear, an apple, a banana, and 3 mandarins A thermos of homemade chicken bone broth That's the largest quantity of veg he'll ever have at a meal, generally. He'll eat cooked green beans, cooked carrots, peas (but not on Whole 30), and that's about it. He'll eat most things when in soup, so that's good, but I can't make vegetable soup for 30 day straight. We'd all go insane. Any suggestions for how he can change his palate and pluck up the courage to eat more veggies? Or how I can hide them in things? (P.S. I put a cup of cooked acorn squash in the meat pie filling tonight and nobody noticed. Ha!)
  2. My 5-year-old daughter is very, very much looking forward to attending a birthday party for a classmate this weekend, and it will be day 7 of our family's Whole 30. She is on board with not eating whatever they serve (it's from 4-6, and I'm placing my bets on pizza and cake), and she suggested that I bring her some treats, like "applesauce and celery". (Seriously! Lol!) But I want to make sure to pack us (I'm going with her) a good amount of yummy food that will keep our bellies totally full and able to fight the cravings. It would also be nice if we could take something along with us that was "treat-like" so that she doesn't feel so left out. Is there anything I can make for her to eat at the party that would be a treat, but still compliant with W30, at least with the ingredients? (I'll avoid SWYPO for myself, but was thinking that a paleo-ified treat would be nice for her that day, if I could think of one with compliant ingredients.) Thoughts?? Advice??
  3. Ok, good. Thanks. And, I'm guessing it's a no, but would adding a date to the blending be ok?
  4. Today is Day 1 of our Whole 30 (husband, me, and our 3 kids, age 3/5/7). Obviously, my first question is about coffee. Our normal coffee routine is this: grind beans fresh every morning, make coffee in the chemex, then blend in the vitamix with coconut oil and a dash of maple syrup. I know that the maple syrup isn't compliant, but the rest is. Is it okay to go ahead with it? (Minus the syrup). The coconut oil emulsifies and makes it latte-like... but it's not really SWYPO if it's my everyday norm, right? I've been drinking it that way for a couple of years.