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  1. 4windsrider

    10/16 Start date

    Whole30 # 4 in the bag! Actually so easy this time. Except for slackening the no alcohol rule..I think I'll just keep on with most of the guidelines. Feeling good and lost 15 lbs. What's not to love? Congrats to all who joined the journey this time. Would love to see some posts on "outcomes". Cheers everyone!
  2. 4windsrider

    It ISN'T hard!?

    Bravo ! It does almost seem like a "no-brainer" sometimes, doesn't it ? Eat real food for a whole month...duh. (-; Makes me realize how we've "normalized" eating fake-food to the point that it seems odd to eat our natural diet. Good luck to you, Kristen !
  3. 4windsrider

    Started W30 Round 4

    @StephResets, There is no healthy fat listed in your meal above. Try adding a 1/4 slice of avocado and some approved Mayo on your potatoes to see if that stretches your satiety !
  4. 4windsrider

    10/16 Start date

    @PrincessNatkins Being sure to get enough healthy fats w/each meal seems to help keep a more steady energy level. I'm noticing the time change and darkness at 5pm has made me feel slowed down and kind of "under". However, if you fly a lot - time changes may be status quo for your body ! Oddly, my experience has been that the last week of the Whole 30 really is an interesting one. Be extra vigilant following the program and see how it goes. Good luck!
  5. 4windsrider

    Day 25 and some concerns

    @jadore43210 Why go off? Look in this forum for all of the folks who are on Whole 40's, 60's and more. If you're beginning to feel so much better, maybe just keep going to see how much better it gets. I'm also not good at "moderation"...but a lot of that comes from those subtle (and not-so-subtle ) food addictions that are mostly on their way out at the end of 30 days. You may feel even stronger and more clear about how to begin some food re-intro if you give yourself a little more time "on". Re-intoduction time is still a fairly "scripted" part of the Whole30 journey. Stay focused during that and don't just "fall off a cliff" because 30 days is up...Best of Luck to you !! (-:
  6. 4windsrider

    10/16 Start date

    @RedBird105 So glad to have you here ! You reminded me about the egg bake !! ( Egg Loaf ? What is your recipe ?) I forgot that I used that on each of my 3 past Whole30's and they were a life-saver. Thanks ! My husband is also doing this (his 1st whole30). He's doing pretty well but we also don't usually eat meat. We mostly rotate through Salmon, Cod, Tuna, Shrimp and Egg dishes for protein sources and lots of greens and fresh veggie/fruit salads. Happy Almost-Week-4 and hope to see you here through Nov. 16th !
  7. 4windsrider

    10/16 Start date

    Week 3 is here ...wow. I definitely am not feeling the "tiger blood" but am feeling a little more "steady"..mood-wise. Feeling pretty pudgy too...I think trying to feed my husband meals that keep that bean-pole from losing more weight while trying to do the opposite for myself is a bit challenging. 3 long shifts coming up which are always difficult just from the stand-point of getting really physically and mentally tired and not being able to be on my own schedule...sigh. Onward and upward. Would be cool to see some posts here from other 10/16 starters just to compare notes. (-:
  8. 4windsrider

    7 Weeks Strong, but something's missing

    Hi Teresa, First of all, Congratulations on evolving to a wonderfully higher level of health ! I am currently on my 4th Whole30 (week 3) and this one is in some ways harder than the others. The difficulty isn't with sticking to the program-I'm pretty competent now at meal-planning and getting into the mental set for the 30 days is easy. However, like you, I find my skin is breaking out a bit more ( which I have a feeling has to do with coconut oil for me) and I am also less apt to be as regular as I usually am. I used to do some fasting in my younger years ( 7 days of eating absolutely nothing and drinking distilled water only). I no longer fast but the concept I became familiar with (and one they mention in the Whole30 Timeline) is the more health issues you have when starting out the more symptomatic you will be as your body cleanses. As for eating out...I've heard that restaurants often use oils over and over at high temps (bad news) and soy oil could definitely affect how you feel if you're sensitive to soy. My intuition is that your body is doing what a body knows best how to do -gravitate towards the highest level of health it can achieve given the chance. The "chance" means doing the things you're already doing and being sure to include "alive" plant based ingredients (fresh dark greens, cruciferous veggies, some raw fruits) along with whatever your protein sources are. "Tincture of time" is under-rated in our modern culture. You're in this for the long-haul, spend a little time looking at the ways your body has improved and know you're moving in the right direction...best of luck, and... you're not alone ! (-;
  9. 4windsrider

    Approved Protein Powders

    Ancient Nutrition makes a powdered bone broth (organic chicken bones is the only ingredient)...I buy the one that adds Turmeric (and herb known for it's anti-inflammatory properties) --so two ingredients-both compliant. 20 gms protein per scoop. * I'm adding this "edit" because I just saw the answer from SugarCube OD above--My husband and I use the powder sprinkled into eggs or spaghetti squash dishes not as a smoothie- but the moderator's comment should certainly take precedence over mine. (-;
  10. 4windsrider

    FAI question

    Has anyone here had issues with FAI (Femoral-Acetabular Impingement ) syndrome ? Talk about PAIN ! I'm on day 11 and hoping for major anti-inflammatory miracles.
  11. 4windsrider

    10/16 Start date

    Already Day 11 ?? SWEET ! I finally have a string of days off and am going to delve into some fun recipes to relieve a little "food boredom "....Especially the "Eggs-haustion". My husband is much less of a foodie than I am and he has pretty much devolved into smoothies in the morning..Ingredients: 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 cup fresh blueberries, 1 scoop Ancient Nutrition bone broth powder (20 grams protein ) and 2 tablespoons olive oil. Gross, I know, but he's all about efficiency. He's one of those super-strong, wire-y built guys. Except for the "don't drink your food" rule his breakfast is technically Whole 30 compliant, I guess. Heavy on the fruit--(but I don't want to quibble too much and have him decide to bail). Can anyone tell me if this is "bad" enough to try to get him to change ? We're long-time vegetarians but are using eggs, fish and shrimp as protein for the Whole 30. The bone broth is a fairly large concession for us for this 30 day period. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks !
  12. 4windsrider

    10/16 Start date

    HAPPY WEEK 2 to all 10/16 starters !! @kimbah, Do you know how to combine these threads..? Maybe I'll just check into all the 10/16 starts for awhile ...but it's a bit cumbersome . I'm off to work right now but will try to find time to check w/ a moderator to see if there's a way to combine ..
  13. 4windsrider

    Starting 10/16/17

    @kimbah Ha! we're married to the same guy ! LOL. My husband is also still on board and making good effort. I'm trying to be a lot more "mentor" and less "drill-sergeant". We do (did) the evening munchie thing too and my hubby has been doing OK with sparkling water and a (legal) Lara bar. W30 really tries to change habits around snacking and compulsive desert-after-a-meal thinking but there are a lot of physiologic changes going on too (if the program is followed) that eventually make the "snack-monster" much less formidable. Keep up the good work and, if you haven't seen it, take a look at the "Whole 30 Timeline" with your hubby in mind (-; https://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/
  14. 4windsrider

    October 16 start!

    Yes..Let's combine all 10/16 starters..how is that done?
  15. 4windsrider

    Starting 10/16/17

    @kimbah, we're on the same path with a not-100%-committed hubby -but so far mine has stayed on-plan ! Since this is my 4th W-30 it makes it easier that I don't have to think for myself ..just him ! So far so good --happy Day 3 ! (-: